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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2307 BugClosedMediumMultiple permissions for the same account on the same object cause exceptionsPanagiotis Kanavos04/26/2012 09:52 pm
2287 BugClosedHighDrag and drop a single text file results in stuck hashingPanagiotis Kanavos04/26/2012 09:52 pm
2221 BugClosedLowMenu option No Account Defined should be linked to Account creationPanagiotis Kanavos03/21/2012 11:57 am
2205 BugClosedHighNew Pithos Server URLPanagiotis Kanavos03/15/2012 06:34 pm
2189 BugClosedLowFiles get re uploaded even if there are no changes (when using tortoise)Panagiotis Kanavos03/15/2012 08:00 pm
2158 BugClosedMediumThe client uses a lot of memory when there are a lot of filesPanagiotis Kanavos03/15/2012 06:08 pm
2157 BugClosedMediumLog full server call detailsPanagiotis Kanavos04/26/2012 09:54 pm
2156 BugClosedHighIf a move is canceled to the pithos dir you get an exceptionPanagiotis Kanavos03/15/2012 06:08 pm
2154 BugClosedMediumDoesnt check if a copy is already runningPanagiotis Kanavos03/13/2012 02:42 pm
2149 BugClosedMediumVery high CPU usage when downloading a very large filePanagiotis Kanavos11/09/2012 03:05 pm
2120 BugClosedHighNo syncing of folder contentsPanagiotis Kanavos03/02/2012 01:20 am
2118 BugClosedMediumAttempt to load modified file in a read-only shared folder when processing existing files during startupPanagiotis Kanavos02/29/2012 10:11 pm
2110 SupportClosedMediumCheck NBug for black box debuggingPanagiotis Kanavos03/13/2012 02:40 pm
2096 BugClosedMediumDo not use dates to decide what to do about common filesPanagiotis Kanavos02/28/2012 02:00 pm
2094 BugClosedMediumUnable to refresh token for multiple accounts due to cookiesPanagiotis Kanavos03/15/2012 06:02 pm
2065 BugClosedMediumThrottle down hashing etc. if starting on windows startupPanagiotis Kanavos02/28/2012 06:13 pm
2043 BugClosedMediumClient does not download empty foldersPanagiotis Kanavos02/28/2012 06:13 pm
1999 BugClosedMediumA local move or rename operation results in a delete/download operation in other computersPanagiotis Kanavos02/28/2012 06:13 pm
1894 BugClosedHighHigh CPU utilization during synchingPanagiotis Kanavos02/17/2012 05:03 pm
1892 FeatureClosedMediumConvert polling frequency to user settingPanagiotis Kanavos01/26/2012 12:37 pm
1890 BugClosedHighWrong interpretation and handling of the List Objects resultsPanagiotis Kanavos01/26/2012 12:40 pm
1876 BugClosedMediumFolder operations create only a single file event for the folder, not the included files and subfoldersPanagiotis Kanavos02/28/2012 06:14 pm
1875 BugClosedHighFileAgent doesn't generate move eventsPanagiotis Kanavos01/26/2012 12:38 pm
1799 BugClosedHighNo debug logging filesPanagiotis Kanavos03/07/2012 06:40 pm
1785 BugClosedHighRemoving an account causes repeated exceptionsPanagiotis Kanavos03/02/2012 01:20 am
1762 BugClosedMediumEntering account info by hand can result in 401 errorsPanagiotis Kanavos01/27/2012 03:22 pm
1612 FeatureClosedMediumAdd exception and feedback submission mechanismPanagiotis Kanavos11/15/2011 04:32 pm
1466 BugClosedMediumNo way to detect a server delete Panagiotis Kanavos02/06/2012 11:00 pm
1201 FeatureClosedMediumAdd notification mechanismPanagiotis Kanavos11/10/2011 08:31 pm
1193 FeatureClosedHighCreate hashmap calculator for local filesPanagiotis Kanavos09/29/2011 05:27 pm
937 FeatureClosedHighMake change operations that result in uploads restartable.Panagiotis Kanavos10/09/2011 06:16 pm
935 FeatureClosedMediumMultiple related change modifications should map to a single, retriable, upload operationPanagiotis Kanavos10/09/2011 07:22 pm
933 FeatureClosedHighPrevent change notifications for downloaded filesPanagiotis Kanavos09/18/2011 03:08 pm
919 FeatureClosedLowClient should move locally deleted items to TrashPanagiotis Kanavos09/18/2011 02:59 pm

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