From 04/28/2013 to 05/27/2013


05:31 pm Revision 56510f86: Merge branch 'issue_3785' into develop
Align footer and logo with the rest of the UI (cyclades).
Refs #3785
Christos KK Loverdos
03:09 pm Revision 64800147: Get Storage Logo from JS properties
Refs #3785 Christos KK Loverdos
12:37 pm Revision ecc4ef81: Hard-code synnefo &
This is a requirement.
Refs #3785
Christos KK Loverdos


05:47 pm Revision f2ae0948: Change footer according to the rest of the site
Refs #3785 Christos KK Loverdos


01:30 pm Revision e4ac2d18: Extend otherProperties with branding settings
otherProperties object defined in the index.html is used from within the GWT
app to access deployment specific config...
Kostas Papadimitriou
01:07 pm Revision 9a450603: Fix dependencies
snf-branding-app -> snf-branding Kostas Papadimitriou
11:57 am Feature #3784 (Closed): "Shared with me" folder takes too long to appear
The "Shared with me" folder takes too long to appear when loading the Pithos Web UI. This probably due to the fact th... Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
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