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Feature #2224: Try to embed the file upload plugin in the file list area to use for drag'n'drop
Feature #2304: Always show the container in the "shared by others tree"
Feature #2318: New left pane layout
Bug #2335: Labels in permissions dialog should have more space between them
Bug #2336: There is a system error when setting permissions
Feature #2337: Selected folder 's background should be darker
Feature #2338: The icon for permission removal should be replaced by the remove icon of plupload and a tooltip "remove" should be added
Feature #2340: When there are no groups and the user selects add group permssions should be presented with the create group dialog
Feature #2341: Add a "create group" node as a last item in the group tree
Feature #2342: Change the look'n'feel to closely match that of okeanos
Feature #2343: In shared by me section bring the context menu and toolbar items back
Feature #2344: In Shared by me filelist add a path column
Bug #2345: Shared by me and Shared to me sections display the progress indicator forever if there is nothing shared
Feature #2346: My files section should be collapse/expand
Feature #2347: Add validation to metadata form
Bug #2348: Show correct values for creator and parent in dialogs
Bug #2349: Add validation to permission form
Feature #2373: In sharing dialog the "remove" button should be a "remove" link
Feature #2375: Create group should ask for users (do not allow empty groups)
Feature #2376: Turn + and remove buttons into "Add", "Remove" links for metadata
Feature #2378: In "Shared by me" contect menu add a "Copy" option
Bug #2398: When the last member is deleted the group should dissapear too
Feature #2399: Even smaller font for the total statistics
Feature #2400: Check the usernames in sharing to be valid emails
Feature #2401: In sharing, user and group names should not be in bold
Feature #2402: Rename "close" to "hide" in upload window when there are uploads in progress
Feature #2403: Drag 'n drop uploads
Bug #2436: Context menu is displayed incorrectly with an offset equal to the amount the page has scrolled
Bug #2438: When removing the last user from a group, the group tree still displays the group
Bug #2440: The regexp that validates usernames accepts incorrectly xxxx@xxxx (4 chars) but not xxx@xxx (2 chars)
Bug #2441: Uploader selects previously uploaded files if the uploader popup has not been opened (so that old files are cleared)
Bug #2442: ScrollToView after upload should be done to the name cell instead of row to avoid horizontal scroll
Feature #2443: Hide start upload button as it is not needed
Bug #2444: If I drop a file and then drop another the alert still shows 1 and the progress bar is not updated
Bug #2488: After rename the file should be selected and scrolled into view
Bug #2530: Selecting pithos of a user sharing with me, results in selecting all pithos from all users sharing with me
Bug #2548: If the number of subfolders is too large, a "Show more" is displayed at the end. We need to avoid this behaviour
Feature #2550: Auto-refrsh requests should use the if-modified-since for the container
Feature #2551: Εμφάνιση των folders και δεξιά
Feature #2552: Use retries in case the server returns errors
Feature #2553: Avoid requesting for each subfolder to determine if it has children
Bug #2554: Change empty trash command to delete all objects in the container instead of traversing the tree
Feature #2630: Use the new DELETE with delimiter
Feature #2631: Use the new COPY with delimiter
Feature #2632: Use the new MOVE with delimiter
Bug #2633: Empty trash does not work due to 409 CONFLICT
Bug #2650: Make delete operation blocking with a glass panel
Feature #2651: When empty trash is ready add an "empty" option in all containers
Feature #2652: Check the behaviour when non-marker folder has been shared to me with read-only and I try to act on it
Bug #2747: Avoid 403 when heading foreign folders that are not shared but are parents of shared
Feature #2748: Don't show size for subfolders in the list (on the right)
Bug #3058: Sharing is not recursive
Bug #3059: Trying to remove a contact from a group fails
Bug #3071: Chrome & FF cant download PDF files
Bug #3111: Context-menu unusable in Chrome 24
Bug #4033: Multiple selection issue
Bug #4035: Erroneous behavior in case of objects with same name
Feature #6115: Support container creation and project reassignment
Bug #6698: `Show more` link is almost invisible in Shared with me side list
Pithos Web Client
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