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6698 BugNewMedium`Show more` link is almost invisible in Shared with me side list Christos KK Loverdos12/11/2014 03:30 pm
4035 BugAssignedMediumErroneous behavior in case of objects with same nameChristos KK Loverdos07/02/2013 01:03 pm
4033 BugAssignedMediumMultiple selection issueChristos KK Loverdos07/02/2013 01:03 pm
3111 BugResolvedMediumContext-menu unusable in Chrome 24Christos Stathis01/30/2013 02:22 pm
3071 BugNewLowChrome & FF cant download PDF filesChristos Stathis11/16/2012 11:23 am
3059 BugNewHighTrying to remove a contact from a group failsChristos Stathis11/12/2012 05:40 pm
3058 BugNewMediumSharing is not recursiveChristos Stathis11/12/2012 05:38 pm
2747 BugResolvedMediumAvoid 403 when heading foreign folders that are not shared but are parents of sharedChristos Stathis08/09/2012 03:48 pm
2650 BugResolvedMediumMake delete operation blocking with a glass panelChristos Stathis07/10/2012 07:29 pm
2633 BugResolvedMediumEmpty trash does not work due to 409 CONFLICTChristos Stathis07/10/2012 07:30 pm
2554 BugResolvedMediumChange empty trash command to delete all objects in the container instead of traversing the treeChristos Stathis06/25/2012 06:38 pm
2548 BugResolvedMediumIf the number of subfolders is too large, a "Show more" is displayed at the end. We need to avoid this behaviourChristos Stathis06/22/2012 03:22 pm
2530 BugResolvedMediumSelecting pithos of a user sharing with me, results in selecting all pithos from all users sharing with meChristos Stathis06/15/2012 05:10 pm
2488 BugResolvedMediumAfter rename the file should be selected and scrolled into viewChristos Stathis06/05/2012 12:28 pm
2444 BugResolvedMediumIf I drop a file and then drop another the alert still shows 1 and the progress bar is not updatedChristos Stathis05/25/2012 03:42 pm
2442 BugResolvedMediumScrollToView after upload should be done to the name cell instead of row to avoid horizontal scrollChristos Stathis05/25/2012 12:02 pm
2441 BugResolvedMediumUploader selects previously uploaded files if the uploader popup has not been opened (so that old files are cleared)Christos Stathis05/25/2012 03:09 pm
2440 BugResolvedMediumThe regexp that validates usernames accepts incorrectly xxxx@xxxx (4 chars) but not xxx@xxx (2 chars)Christos Stathis05/24/2012 01:12 pm
2438 BugResolvedMediumWhen removing the last user from a group, the group tree still displays the groupChristos Stathis05/24/2012 04:12 pm
2436 BugResolvedMediumContext menu is displayed incorrectly with an offset equal to the amount the page has scrolledChristos Stathis05/24/2012 05:35 pm
2398 BugResolvedMediumWhen the last member is deleted the group should dissapear tooChristos Stathis05/16/2012 03:49 pm
2349 BugResolvedMediumAdd validation to permission formChristos Stathis04/30/2012 03:10 pm
2348 BugResolvedMediumShow correct values for creator and parent in dialogsChristos Stathis04/30/2012 02:58 pm
2345 BugResolvedMediumShared by me and Shared to me sections display the progress indicator forever if there is nothing sharedChristos Stathis04/25/2012 05:57 pm
2336 BugResolvedMediumThere is a system error when setting permissionsChristos Stathis05/03/2012 06:25 pm

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