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e6e9f6e6 02/12/2013 12:50 pm Christos KK Loverdos

Change copyright notice

0459d2ef 02/08/2013 04:26 pm Christos KK Loverdos

Show display names in group members tree

c8f8690d 02/08/2013 03:59 pm Christos KK Loverdos

Use display name to add a user to a group

dc8cc18a 02/08/2013 03:57 pm Christos KK Loverdos

Revert "Work in progress. Do not rely on this commit"

This reverts commit ee77dbf16f524824e3c0337a04984caa84a12231.

ee77dbf1 02/07/2013 07:47 pm Christos KK Loverdos

Work in progress. Do not rely on this commit

28267d27 01/30/2013 02:19 pm Christos Stathis

Removed animation that is broken by latest chrome (v.24)

ea30dad9 06/25/2012 06:15 pm Christos Stathis

Empty trash deletes everything under trash by using the deleteFolder method

39a92f5c 05/24/2012 04:11 pm Christos Stathis

Fixed bug where group was not removed when the last user was removed (issue #2348)

89dddc7d 05/17/2012 06:17 pm Christos Stathis

Added drag'n'drop file upload in the file list area

1238d28d 05/11/2012 05:15 pm Christos Stathis

First version of drag 'n' drop upload (issue #2224)

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