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77a99b26 04/19/2013 03:16 pm Christos KK Loverdos

Exclude one more HTTP header from logging

c963be61 04/19/2013 03:15 pm Christos KK Loverdos

Revert "Provide RightClick/CopyToClipboard functionality for "Public/Private Link" in File/Share dialog"

This reverts commit ddbf705922a5abb92c92205ebc98cc97fbd89aeb.

I explained the reason in the commit message of the above commit

Refs #3575

ddbf7059 04/19/2013 03:12 pm Christos KK Loverdos

Provide RightClick/CopyToClipboard functionality for "Public/Private Link" in File/Share dialog

It does not work. I think there is no standard way to do it.
Which browser versions do we support anyway?

I am committing the work, since it has been done but the intention...

59aa2375 04/19/2013 02:31 pm Christos KK Loverdos

Selectively ignore HTTP headers in logging

b551f85b 04/19/2013 01:54 pm Christos KK Loverdos

In File/Share dialog show "Public/Private Link" instead of just "Link"

Refs #3575

d1609e26 04/19/2013 01:50 pm Christos KK Loverdos

Use constant strings in File/Share and Permissions dialogs

bc393f5e 04/19/2013 01:49 pm Christos KK Loverdos

More HTTP call logging enhancements

b31e9028 04/19/2013 01:48 pm Christos KK Loverdos

Bring Folder/Share dialog onpar with File/Share dialog

Refs #3575

f7c37cc8 04/19/2013 01:48 pm Christos KK Loverdos

Add more constant strings

45c76262 04/19/2013 12:52 pm Christos KK Loverdos

Enhance HTTP call logging

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