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Latest revisions

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f9762f23 04/18/2013 06:54 pm Christos KK Loverdos

Revert "Fix the disabled "Add group" button style"

This reverts commit 5e2c128046985d9adb0459040b9b82931235e422.

Due to a regression with the Group/Delete dialog (it had bad/no styling)
Refs #3575

5e2c1280 04/18/2013 05:46 pm Christos KK Loverdos

Fix the disabled "Add group" button style

Previously some annoying button movement was taking place on mouse hover.
Refs #3575

1871b05c 02/12/2013 04:11 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Merge branch 'master' of

e6e9f6e6 02/12/2013 12:50 pm Christos KK Loverdos

Change copyright notice

00490ac9 06/20/2012 02:05 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Merge branch 'master' into packaging


cdc11586 05/30/2012 04:10 pm Christos Stathis

Converted version into a runtime property so that it can be easily maintained

d50bcbda 05/29/2012 11:32 am Christos Stathis

Changed the feedback url and parameters

b1c76021 05/24/2012 04:34 pm Christos Stathis

Start upload button is now hidden

d01899b6 05/16/2012 05:52 pm Christos Stathis

Fixed upload button with loading indicator

c01daba6 05/16/2012 04:24 pm Christos Stathis

Smaller font for the statistics (issue #2239)

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