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ada737a8 09/13/2012 02:49 pm Christos Stathis

Fixed cloudbar class name to avoid entering infinite loop

42214d4a 07/10/2012 07:26 pm Christos Stathis

Implemented empty container for all containers with the new api

3608dcd5 07/10/2012 07:09 pm Christos Stathis

Implemeted empty trash with the new API call

9ec085e2 07/09/2012 01:40 pm Christos Stathis

Remove a forgotten delay

c3d9289b 07/09/2012 01:37 pm Christos Stathis

Experimentaly added a "please wait" popup during potentialy long delete operations

d58c0da5 06/28/2012 05:16 pm Christos Stathis

Replaced move procedures with the new PUT with delimiter

ff32989e 06/28/2012 04:11 pm Christos Stathis

Replace the folder copy procedure with the new PUT with delimiter (issue #2631)

f6c9957e 06/28/2012 03:27 pm Christos Stathis

Replaced the folder deletion procedure with the new single DELETE request (issue #2630)

b1001100 06/27/2012 06:18 pm Christos Stathis

Changed autorefresh to start at the end of initialization and check with if-modified-since to avoid useless requests

e028046b 06/27/2012 06:17 pm Christos Stathis

Fixed a NPE

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