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eb2ae14b 01/31/2012 02:02 pm Christos Stathis

Fine tuned plupload plugin

59c4fb09 01/27/2012 11:10 am Christos Stathis

Fixed brackets

0c73a8ff 01/26/2012 07:38 pm Christos Stathis

Test with plupload multiple uploader

7260b946 01/26/2012 03:29 pm Christos Stathis

Added a share button on the toolbar

006ec41a 01/26/2012 03:04 pm Christos Stathis

Fixed tools and folder context menus

bd187dfb 01/25/2012 06:55 pm Christos Stathis

Started the new toolbar. Added new folder button

dddb75e2 01/19/2012 03:20 pm Christos Stathis

Fixed refresh issues with shared folders and files

4a7311c0 01/18/2012 04:46 pm Christos Stathis

Added background color to selected lines in file list

8fd8a487 01/10/2012 05:34 pm Christos Stathis

Refresh the MyShared tree when certain folder properties are changed

3601b114 01/10/2012 05:04 pm Christos Stathis

Refresh the MyShared tree when certain file properties are changed

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