From 12/19/2011 to 01/17/2012


07:28 pm Revision ee71c0d5: version module import fixes
Kostas Papadimitriou
07:21 pm Revision 9e826a59: Improved snf-pithos-tools packages
- refactored tool scripts to python modules
- added console_scripts entry points in
- minor fix in dispatche...
Kostas Papadimitriou
06:42 pm Revision 8c306eab: Split pithos components in separate packages
- splitted pithos modules in separate reusable components
- python packaging for all packages
- snf-webproject suppor...
Kostas Papadimitriou


06:12 pm Revision 7ff57991: Add size queries in backend object lists.
Refs: #1837 Antony Chazapis
04:37 pm Revision 72d08c80: Merge branch 'master' of
Antony Chazapis
04:36 pm Revision 6b2f11b4: Fix metadata search.
Antony Chazapis
04:20 pm Revision 9e9615fe: create unique index on path for public, xfeautures & path tables
Ref: #1836 Sofia Papagiannaki
01:38 pm Revision c290c4e5: Update admin guide.
Antony Chazapis


12:26 pm Revision 228de81b: Untie backend from settings.
Fixes #1816 Antony Chazapis
11:06 am Revision ddd45453: Change sync command.
Antony Chazapis
10:09 am Revision 87a0d246: Remove custom doc theme.
Antony Chazapis


05:06 pm Revision bd89e75e: decode user uniq to utf-8
Sofia Papagiannaki
03:07 pm Revision 6e441a16: Update user middleware.
Antony Chazapis


07:16 pm Revision eae2b0f0: Fix astakos middleware.
Antony Chazapis
06:59 pm Revision 5d56107c: Remove im app.
Refs #1761 Antony Chazapis
05:16 pm Revision 0a5bd185: Merge branch 'master' into id
Antony Chazapis


01:45 pm Revision f2a3d5a3: Remove debug printing.
Antony Chazapis
11:20 am Revision 95e0d8ee: Test UUIDs
Refs: #1810 Sofia Papagiannaki


12:48 pm Revision 91b606d1: add license
Sofia Papagiannaki


05:43 pm pithos-0.8.2.tar.gz
Antony Chazapis
05:41 pm Revision 66feb1be: Bump version.
Antony Chazapis
05:35 pm Revision 05f6d5c0: Make package install include non-python files.
Fixes #1735 Antony Chazapis


06:32 pm Revision 1730b3bf: Fix UUIDs on move operations.
Refs #1790 Antony Chazapis
04:41 pm Revision 12fb8c2d: Merge branch 'meta-filtering'
Antony Chazapis
04:06 pm Revision 8877529a: Fix SQLAlchemy backend metadata filtering.
Refs #1789 Antony Chazapis
12:03 pm Revision a847494c: Attempt to use SQL for metadata filtering in SQLAlchemy backend (II).
Refs #1789 Antony Chazapis
11:58 am Revision 9d41b050: Attempt to use SQL for metadata filtering in SQLAlchemy backend.
Refs #1789 Antony Chazapis
10:37 am Revision c7c0790f: Pass meta filtering test in SQLite module with pure SQL.
Refs #1789
Antony Chazapis


08:08 pm Revision 35c82779: provide authentication service & change pithos to contact it to authenticate u...
Refs: #1689 Sofia Papagiannaki
04:32 pm Revision d32cb004: Merge branch 'master' of into id
Sofia Papagiannaki
12:40 pm Revision 91817b22: Fix manifest object.
Antony Chazapis
12:10 pm Revision a90fd539: Merge branch 'master' of
Antony Chazapis
12:09 pm Revision dfb28993: Document ETag changes.
Refs #1792 Antony Chazapis
12:00 pm Revision 8a2020a9: Merge branch 'master' of
Sofia Papagiannaki
11:58 am Revision f1716de7: client lib: quote parameters in chunked requests
Sofia Papagiannaki
11:50 am Revision cddcf432: The ETag header/hash property always includes the MD5.
Refs #1792 Antony Chazapis


06:30 pm Revision eb0d4c82: sqlite backend module: fix metadata queries
Refs: #1789 Sofia Papagiannaki
06:25 pm Revision e3b4206e: Merge branch 'master' of
Antony Chazapis
06:23 pm Revision 2e450abb: The dispatcher is a python executable which monitors a RabbitMQ queue and call...
Refs #1792 Antony Chazapis
04:16 pm Revision f897bea9: sqlalchemy backend: fix metadata queries
Refs:#1789 Sofia Papagiannaki


11:52 pm Revision 044f4210: Update upgrade instructions.
Refs #1790 Antony Chazapis
10:59 pm Revision 37bee317: Add backend object retrieve by UUID. Expose UUID at the frontend. Document.
Refs #1790 Antony Chazapis
05:50 pm Revision 25ae8b75: Unique object identifiers in the backend.
Refs #1790 Antony Chazapis
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