From 09/27/2012 to 10/26/2012


02:49 pm Revision 4587227e: Fix quota error formatting in case of NoneType
Sofia Papagiannaki
01:39 pm Revision 0aaf350a: Include account and container usage information in case of exceeded quota
Sofia Papagiannaki
12:28 pm Revision 9be26fe1: Merge branch 'master' of
Sofia Papagiannaki


03:44 pm Revision f77b1da9: Hotfix pithos 500 error
Temporary fix to prevent pithos failing with "AttributeError:
'ModularBackend' object has no attribute 'messages'" 50...
Stratos Psomadakis
02:18 pm Revision d1cadefd: Fix permissions for conf files/dir.
Stratos Psomadakis


12:06 pm Revision 6e9c8fc1: Log 5xx API faults
Christos Stavrakakis


11:36 am Revision 26fbaf40: Merge branch 'master' of
Sofia Papagiannaki
11:33 am Revision a8b82467: fix UnboundLocalError
Sofia Papagiannaki


01:19 pm Revision edb7875c: Move PithosBackendPool to snf-pithos-backend
Move PithosBackendPool from snf-pithos-app to snf-pithos-backend Christos Stavrakakis


02:44 pm Revision eecad161: Fix undefined variable
Sofia Papagiannaki
12:36 pm Revision d63a5938: Fix references to settings not yet in master
Fix references from pithos.api.settings to settings
not yet implemented in the master branch.
Vangelis Koukis


02:08 pm Revision 761c2b3c: socket verification for pooled pithos backends
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