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371d907a 02/16/2012 02:54 am Antony Chazapis

Unified query for listing objects with properties.

Refs #1948

33b4e4a6 02/15/2012 10:55 pm Antony Chazapis

Move ETag as checksum to version.

Refs #1948

aeb2b64f 02/10/2012 12:50 pm Antony Chazapis

Fix tests.

Refs #1984

71dbc012 02/09/2012 05:52 pm Antony Chazapis

Fix some tests.

Refs #1984

66ce2ca5 02/09/2012 03:41 pm Antony Chazapis

Add type to backend version.

e809b989 02/09/2012 12:02 pm Antony Chazapis

Remove error for overlapping permissions. Document.

8fbfd37b 02/07/2012 12:12 am Antony Chazapis

Use CSRF exceptions for API calls.

Fixes #2002

a7dff008 02/06/2012 08:23 pm Antony Chazapis

Add settings namespace.

Fixes #1959

3c4bb1a0 02/03/2012 02:00 pm root

Include a response for HTML form POSTs.

af7bb62f 01/24/2012 05:37 pm Antony Chazapis

Use format for uploaded blocks hash lists at the container level.

Refs #1934

6b6b6c1e 01/24/2012 05:23 pm Antony Chazapis

Use format parameter for Conflict (409) replies.

Fixes #1934

a7ba12d7 01/20/2012 08:57 pm Antony Chazapis

Put back newlines in Conflict responses.

08de868d 01/20/2012 08:04 pm Antony Chazapis

Print exception traceback only when it is an "Internal Server Error" and in debug or test mode.

Fixes #1888

2e662088 01/19/2012 07:41 pm Antony Chazapis

Change license year.

Fixes #1889

cddcf432 12/22/2011 11:50 am Antony Chazapis

The ETag header/hash property always includes the MD5.

Refs #1792

37bee317 12/19/2011 10:59 pm Antony Chazapis

Add backend object retrieve by UUID. Expose UUID at the frontend. Document.

Refs #1790

0556da0a 12/16/2011 04:20 pm Antony Chazapis

Merge branch 'meta-domains'

5bc1116c 12/16/2011 03:53 pm Antony Chazapis

Document django's behavior when using the internal web server and not supplying a Content-Type header.

Fixes #1734

c30d3c28 12/16/2011 12:59 pm Antony Chazapis

Merge branch 'master' into meta-domains


3d13f97a 12/16/2011 01:30 am Sofia Papagiannaki

Fix SQL for metadata queries in SQLalchemy module.
Fix regular expression & capitalization issues

Refs #1766

808cea65 12/15/2011 05:38 pm Antony Chazapis

Update frontend with the metadata domain parameter.

Refs #1782

1713c946 12/15/2011 01:32 pm Antony Chazapis

Accept meta queries at the frontend as well.

Refs #1766

af6d3b5d 12/06/2011 09:28 pm Antony Chazapis

Fix and/or syntax.

88283e9e 12/02/2011 12:55 pm Antony Chazapis

Use URL-encoding/decoding for all headers.

Refs #1511

690747fe 12/02/2011 10:52 am Antony Chazapis

Format groups/policy/metadata in JSON/XML replies.

Fixes #1719

817890f2 11/23/2011 12:08 pm Antony Chazapis

Upload files from HTML forms directly to the backend.

Fixes #1676

4a1c29ea 11/21/2011 11:07 am Antony Chazapis

Always include the Merkle hash in object meta (as returned from the backend). Clean up 'hash' references in frontend.

Needs database update.

Fixes #1451

8c793655 11/15/2011 09:26 am Antony Chazapis

Move MySQL warnings suppression to backend.

61efb530 10/27/2011 09:20 am Antony Chazapis

Make request.user point to the user object.

a70c5269 10/24/2011 01:21 pm Antony Chazapis

Fix top level authentication.

297513ba 10/21/2011 04:16 pm Antony Chazapis

Use 401 error when missing token and 403 when forbidden.

Fixes #1369

5df6c6d1 10/17/2011 05:30 pm Antony Chazapis

Add insufficient quota replies in frontend. Document.

Refs #1165

647a5f48 10/13/2011 07:42 pm Antony Chazapis

Merge account policy in api. Document.

Refs #1165
Refs #1167

6068d672 10/11/2011 04:15 pm Antony Chazapis

Merge branch 'master' of

6d0f82fe 10/11/2011 04:15 pm Antony Chazapis

Report remaining bytes. Enforce account quota when setting container limits.

Refs #1165

c48acbfd 10/11/2011 03:25 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

perform case sensitive varchar ordering, handle correctly utf8 columns and decimals

Refs #1458

bd08f5c0 09/30/2011 01:49 pm Antony Chazapis

Fix 'Content-Type' parsing in container POST request.

Refs #1371

2cd94d81 09/30/2011 12:44 pm Antony Chazapis

Allow cross-account object from object update.

Fixes #1379

5144b772 09/30/2011 11:39 am Antony Chazapis

Container-level block upload.

Refs #1371

28486f26 09/29/2011 11:04 am Antony Chazapis

Fix 'Content-Type' header in GET replies.

Fixes #1239

79bb41b7 09/28/2011 03:19 pm Antony Chazapis

Support cross-account copy and move.

Fixes #1241

39593b2b 09/16/2011 05:25 pm Giorgos Verigakis

Use one backend instance per HTTP request

f9f15f92 09/13/2011 02:15 pm Antony Chazapis

Use 'hashmap' parameter in object GET/PUT to use hashmaps.

067cf1fc 09/13/2011 09:30 am Antony Chazapis

Report allowed actions in cross-user object requests, with the 'X-Object-Allowed-To' header.

c5d308c6 09/12/2011 01:08 pm Antony Chazapis

Container PUT can also be used for updating metadata/policy.

36d368f7 09/08/2011 05:23 pm Antony Chazapis

Make default authentication return the password as the key.

f899c7b4 09/07/2011 04:37 pm Antony Chazapis

Fix PUT object via hashmap.

77edd23d 09/05/2011 03:54 pm Antony Chazapis

Avoid unnecessary metadata updates.

96ee45a3 09/05/2011 02:40 pm Antony Chazapis

Change conflict (409) replies format to text.

7dd293a0 09/05/2011 01:54 pm Antony Chazapis

Return new version identifier in frontend. Document.

a5149fd0 08/01/2011 05:14 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

fixing utf8 handling (manifestation), client lib support for updating from other object

e7b51248 07/28/2011 06:25 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

fix utf8 handling

additional tests written

c032f34d 07/25/2011 07:05 pm Antony Chazapis

Fix reading when apache does the dechunking.

a8326bef 07/22/2011 04:03 pm Antony Chazapis

Conditional object create/update.

804e8fe7 07/22/2011 10:36 am Antony Chazapis

Fix metadata keys in extended replies.

f7667baf 07/21/2011 12:26 pm Antony Chazapis

Avoid using os.path.join to concat path strings.

b18ef3ad 07/19/2011 07:07 pm Antony Chazapis

Option to show only shared containers/objects in listings.

Refs #765

f6c97079 07/19/2011 05:03 pm Antony Chazapis

Cross-account operations in backend/API/docs.

Refs #763

bbd20b55 07/16/2011 06:42 pm Antony Chazapis

Add API calls to purge container/object history (2).

ef43dff1 07/14/2011 12:55 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Merge branch 'master' of


1d5c57d3 07/14/2011 01:22 am Antony Chazapis

Object create via POST, when Content-Type is 'multipart/form-data'.

32a437b1 07/13/2011 06:47 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

extend api object write to accept xml formatted requests containing hashmap information instead of actual data

socket_read_iterator raises BadRequest if maximum size is reached

b980169d 07/12/2011 08:33 pm Antony Chazapis

Fix Content-Length.

a0177bc5 07/12/2011 06:10 pm Giorgos Verigakis

Return a correct x-storage-url

Use the value of X-Auth-User instead of 'demo'

1495b972 07/12/2011 12:55 pm Antony Chazapis

Object truncate.

ab2e317e 07/11/2011 05:22 pm Antony Chazapis

Option to update an object using another object's data.

7278d371 07/06/2011 11:25 am Antony Chazapis

Do not use the 'Accept' header on PUT to get 'format'.

038f1ae9 07/05/2011 08:46 pm Antony Chazapis

Bug fix.

307915f1 07/04/2011 04:22 pm Antony Chazapis

Fix bug/tests.

1993fea9 07/04/2011 03:47 pm Antony Chazapis

Return the conflicting path in the reply, when refusing to change permissions because of a conflict.

Refs #449

e0f916bb 07/04/2011 03:01 pm Antony Chazapis

New public objects implementation.

Fixes #595

2430ba48 07/04/2011 01:09 pm Antony Chazapis

Merge branch 'master' of

3ab38c43 07/04/2011 01:09 pm Antony Chazapis
  • Account groups.
  • Container policies (not enforced for now).
  • Document sharing/permissions.

Refs #449

486b2dc2 07/01/2011 03:46 pm Giorgos Verigakis

Return the correct token in authenticate

850b6f88 06/24/2011 07:20 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Merge branch 'master' of

ce2eba7e 06/24/2011 07:06 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

correct spelling

76985443 06/24/2011 07:02 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

extend api to create an object by uploading the hashmap instead of actual data

- enable format parameter in PUT requests on objects
- when format is json the api instead of actual data expects a json formatted dictionary (similar to one returned by extended GET responses) containing information about the block identities...

02c0c3fa 06/24/2011 04:39 pm Antony Chazapis

Add account groups, merge into sharing. Fix tests.

Refs #449

104626e3 06/23/2011 05:24 pm Antony Chazapis

Update versioning.

- Allow non-integer version identifiers.
- Use 'X-Object-Modified-By' to trace the user that created a version.
- Fix 'X-Object-Version-Timestamp' header formatting.

Rebuild the database, or:
sqlite> alter table versions add column user text;...

cca6c617 06/23/2011 03:47 pm Antony Chazapis

Updated permissions support.

  • Allow deleting/clearing permissions.
  • Report inheritance via 'X-Object-Shared-By' header.
  • Enforce permissions.

Refs #449

a6eb13e9 06/22/2011 08:36 pm Antony Chazapis

Document 'update' parameter. Add to account/container POST.

ac62f6da 06/22/2011 06:33 pm Antony Chazapis

Fix POST to delete metadata when none is supplied. Add 'update' parameter to update certain meta values only.

e8886082 06/22/2011 04:38 pm Antony Chazapis

Fix version list and copy from version when the object is deleted.
Remove 'public' from permissions.

3436eeb0 06/21/2011 05:00 pm Antony Chazapis

Initial permissions support.

  • Use 'X-Object-Sharing' header to get/set permissions.
  • Replaces 'X-Object-Public' header (now obsolete).
  • No permission enforcement yet.

Refs #449
Refs #595

288c1d55 06/20/2011 01:41 pm Antony Chazapis

Add recommended practices/examples in docs.

cb146cf9 06/19/2011 03:52 pm Antony Chazapis

Bug fixes.

  • Empty object update.
  • Parameter version equal to 'list' in requests.
  • Object HEAD response code (should be 200).
  • Remove source version parameter when moving with PUT/MOVE.
  • Mark 'X-Object-Public' as TBD in the docs.
77991625 06/17/2011 12:48 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

slight modifications to support list object versions
Refs #593

6d817842 06/14/2011 11:00 pm Antony Chazapis

Fix manifest and copy/move prefix parsing.

8cb45c13 06/14/2011 07:26 pm Antony Chazapis

Large object support.

83dd59c5 06/10/2011 02:15 am Antony Chazapis

Versioning extras, including account/container "time machine".

  • Update metadata with the hashmap to create a single new object version.
  • Add source version when duplicating in PUT/COPY/MOVE.
  • Add 'until' parameter in account/container HEAD/GET.
  • Expose object version list....
7bef5750 06/09/2011 05:09 pm Antony Chazapis

Limit metadata in object headers accessed via /public. Simplify implementation.

Refs #595

2c22e4ac 06/09/2011 04:21 pm Antony Chazapis

Pass account from request URL to backend functions and not request.user.

58a6c894 06/09/2011 02:48 pm Antony Chazapis

Advanced versioning support. New backend.

- Everything is versioned in the backend.
- Time-controlled account/container listings.
- Initial API support with the 'version' parameter in object HEAD/GET.

Refs #593

9a7f747a 06/01/2011 05:06 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Fixes chunked object post with specific upto range limit

49133392 05/31/2011 04:45 pm Antony Chazapis

Produce new ETag when updating an object.

6bc372a4 05/31/2011 02:01 pm Antony Chazapis

Include storage type in container meta/hashmap replies. Minor doc updates.

e9285524 05/29/2011 03:39 pm Antony Chazapis

Document partial object updates and hashmaps.

Refs #563

cfe6939d 05/29/2011 01:24 pm Antony Chazapis

Handle partial object updates through POST.

8ee0ad46 05/27/2011 07:39 pm Antony Chazapis

Fix object GET.

5635f9ef 05/27/2011 05:20 pm Antony Chazapis

Add license.

Fixes #577