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Revision 1bfffe21


Added by Anthony Liguori over 7 years ago

Merge remote-tracking branch 'alon/libcacard_ccid.1' into staging

  1. By Alon Levy (15) and others
  2. Via Alon Levy
    • alon/libcacard_ccid.1: (28 commits)
      libcacard/cac: change big switch functions to single return point
      dev-smartcard-reader: empty implementation for Mechanical (fail correctly)
      libcacard: move atr setting from macro to function
      libcacard/vreader: add debugging messages for apdu
      dev-smartcard-reader: copy atr protocol to ccid parameters
      dev-smartcard-reader: change default protocol to T=0
      dev-smartcard-reader: define structs for CCID_Parameter internals
      ccid-card-passthru, dev-smartcard-reader: add debug environment variables
      ccid-card-passthru: add atr check
      libcacard: change default ATR
      dev-smartcard-reader: reuse usb.h definitions
      dev-smartcard-reader: support windows guest
      dev-smartcard-reader: remove aborts (never triggered, but just in case)
      dev-smartcard-reader: nicer debug messages
      dev-smartcard-reader: white space fixes
      libcacard: remove default libcoolkey loading
      libcacard: remove sql: prefix
      libcacard: teach vscclient to use GMainLoop for portability
      libcacard: vscclient to use QemuThread for portability
      libcacard: split vscclient main() from socket reading

Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <>


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