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Revision 2e6ae666


Added by Anthony Liguori about 7 years ago

Merge remote-tracking branch 'mjt/trivial-patches' into staging

  1. By Stefan Weil (8) and others
  2. Via Michael Tokarev
    • mjt/trivial-patches:
      tests/.gitignore: ignore test-throttle
      exec: Fix broken build for MinGW (regression)
      kvm: Fix compiler warning (clang)
      tcg-sparc: Fix parenthesis warning
      Makefile: Remove some more files when cleaning
      target-i386: Fix segment cache dump
      iov: avoid "orig_len may be used unitialized" warning
      vscclient: remove unnecessary use of uninitialized variable
      trace-events: Clean up with scripts/cleanup-trace-events.pl again
      tci: Fix qemu-alpha on 32 bit hosts (wrong assertions)
      *-user: Improve documentation for lock_user function
      MAINTAINERS: Add missing entry to filelist for TCI target
      translate-all: Fix formatting of dump output
      *-user: Fix typo in comment (ulocking -> unlocking)
      docs: Fix IO port number for CPU present bitmap.
      q35: Fix typo in constant DEFUALT -> DEFAULT.
      configure: Undefine _FORTIFY_SOURCE prior using it



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