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TODO 1.1 kB
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exec.h 9.3 kB
helper.c 63.1 kB
helper.h 6.3 kB
helper_template.h 8.6 kB
kvm.c 29.1 kB
machine.c 13.6 kB
op_helper.c 158.8 kB
ops_sse.h 58.1 kB
ops_sse_header.h 11.6 kB
svm.h 5.8 kB
translate.c 257.6 kB

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31827373 12/18/2009 07:26 pm Jan Kiszka

kvm: x86: Use separate exception_injected CPUState field

Marcelo correctly remarked that there are usage conflicts between QEMU
core code and KVM /wrt exception_index. So spend a separate field and
also save/restore it properly.

Signed-off-by: Jan Kiszka <>...

f1e00a9c 12/13/2009 09:48 pm Andre Przywara

target-i386: Update CPUID feature set for TCG

The CPUID features QEMU presented to the guest were not up-to-date
with QEMU's emulated feature set.
Add the missing bits of recent (and not so recent) additions to
QEMU's emulation engine.
For stability reasons only the user mode usable bits are exposed for...

1a03675d 12/12/2009 03:59 pm Glauber Costa

v2: properly save kvm system time msr registers

Currently, the msrs involved in setting up pvclock are not saved over
migration and/or save/restore. This patch puts their value in special
fields in our CPUState, and deal with them using vmstate.

kvm also has to account for it, by including them in the msr list...

4d6e3ac5 12/12/2009 03:59 pm Jan Kiszka

kvm: x86: Save/restore exception_index

As KVM now makes use of exception_index to keep pending exceptions, we
have to save&restore this field as well.

NOTE: We have to nail the arch-independent exception_index down to a
certain bit width for proper vmstate processing, namely to 32 bit....

6d9fef1a 12/07/2009 07:13 pm Andre Przywara

cpuid: Fix multicore setup on Intel

The multicore CPUID code detects whether the guest is an Intel or an
AMD CPU, because the Linux kernel is picky about the CmpLegacy bit.
KVM by default passes through the host's vendor, which was not
catched by the code. So fork out the vendor determining bits into a...

6fb6d245 12/07/2009 04:45 pm Jan Kiszka

kvm: x86: Fix initial kvm_has_msr_star

KVM_GET_MSR_INDEX_LIST returns -E2BIG when the provided space is too
small for all MSRs. But this is precisely the error we trigger with the
initial request in order to obtain that size. Do not fail in that case.

This caused a subtle corruption of the guest state as MSR_STAR was not...

a0fb002c 12/03/2009 11:25 pm Jan Kiszka

kvm: x86: Add support for VCPU event states

This patch extends the qemu-kvm state sync logic with support for
KVM_GET/SET_VCPU_EVENTS, giving access to yet missing exception,
interrupt and NMI states.

Signed-off-by: Jan Kiszka <>
Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <>

5a2e3c2e 12/03/2009 11:25 pm Jan Kiszka

kvm: x86: Fix merge artifact of f8d926e9 about mp_state

Signed-off-by: Jan Kiszka <>
Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <>

caa5af0f 11/17/2009 04:49 pm Jan Kiszka

kvm: Add arch reset handler

Will be required by succeeding changes.

Signed-off-by: Jan Kiszka <>
Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <>

0e607a80 11/17/2009 04:49 pm Jan Kiszka

kvm: x86: Refactor use of interrupt_bitmap

Drop interrupt_bitmap from the cpustate and solely rely on the integer
interupt_injected. This prepares us for the new injected-interrupt
interface, which will deprecate the bitmap, while preserving

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