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Revision 35106c2d


Added by Hans de Goede over 10 years ago

spice-qemu-char: Fix flow control in client -> guest direction

In the old spice-vmc device we used to have:
last_out = virtio_serial_write(&svc->port, p, MIN);
if (last_out > 0)

Now in the chardev backend we have:
last_out = MIN;
qemu_chr_read(scd->chr, p, last_out);
if (last_out > 0) {

Which causes us to no longer detect if the virtio port is not ready
to receive data from us. chardev actually has a mechanism to detect this,
but it requires a separate call to qemu_chr_can_read, before calling
qemu_chr_read (which return void).

This patch uses qemu_chr_can_read to fix the flow control from client to

Signed-off-by: Hans de Goede <>


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