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Revision 3656744c


Added by balrog over 14 years ago

Reset CFI01 flash wcycle after erase confirm (Thomas Petazzoni).

pfl->wcycle was set to 1 when the erase confirm command was set, which
lead to the next command being misinterpreted by Qemu:

pflash_write: Unimplemented flash cmd sequence (offset 00000000,
wcycle 0x1 cmd 0x20 value 0x70)

This patch fixes this issue by resetting pfl->wcycle to 0 on erase
confirm so that the next command is considered as a new one.

Signed-off-by: Thomas Petazzoni <>

git-svn-id: svn://svn.savannah.nongnu.org/qemu/trunk@5409 c046a42c-6fe2-441c-8c8c-71466251a162


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