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Added by Alon Levy about 10 years ago

usb-ccid: add CCID bus

A CCID device is a smart card reader. It is a USB device, defined at [1].
This patch introduces the usb-ccid device that is a ccid bus. Next patches will
introduce two card types to use it, a passthru card and an emulated card.

[1] http://www.usb.org/developers/devclass_docs/DWG_Smart-Card_CCID_Rev110.

Signed-off-by: Alon Levy <>

changes from v20->v21: (Jes Sorenson review) * cosmetic changes - fix multi line comments. * reorder fields in USBCCIDState * add reference to COPYING * add --enable-smartcard and --disable-smartcard here (moved
from last patch)

changes from v19->v20: * checkpatch.pl

changes from v18->v19: * merged: ccid.h: add copyright, fix define and remove non C89 comments * add qdev.desc

changes from v15->v16:

Behavioral changes: * fix abort on client answer after card remove * enable migration * remove side affect code from asserts * return consistent self-powered state * mask out reserved bits in ccid_set_parameters * add missing abRFU in SetParameters (no affect on linux guest)

whitefixes / comments / consts defines: * remove stale comment * remove ccid_print_pending_answers if no DEBUG_CCID * replace printf's with DPRINTF, remove DEBUG_CCID, add verbosity defines * use error_report * update copyright (most of the code is not original) * reword known bug comment * add missing closing quote in comment * add missing whitespace on one line * s/CCID_SetParameter/CCID_SetParameters/ * add comments * use define for max packet size

Comment for "return consistent self-powered state":

the Configuration Descriptor bmAttributes claims we are self powered,
but we were returning not self powered to USB_REQ_GET_STATUS control message.

In practice, this message is not sent by a linux
guest (not tested on other guests), unless you issue lsusb -v as root (for


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