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Name Size
elfload.c 75.2 kB
elfload32.c 869 Bytes
errno_defs.h 8.8 kB
flat.h 2.5 kB
flatload.c 25.4 kB
ioctls.h 15.9 kB
linux_loop.h 2.3 kB
linuxload.c 5 kB
m68k-sim.c 4.8 kB
main.c 96.3 kB
mmap.c 19.4 kB
qemu-types.h 595 Bytes
qemu.h 13.7 kB
signal.c 131.5 kB
socket.h 5 kB
strace.c 33.2 kB
strace.list 46.5 kB
syscall.c 215.5 kB
syscall_defs.h 71.4 kB
syscall_types.h 5.4 kB
uaccess.c 1.6 kB
vm86.c 15.2 kB

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
3ca05588 11/24/2009 08:51 pm Arnaud Patard

linux-user: remove hardcoded value of _NSIG in signal.c

In a bunch of places, 64 is used as value of _NSIG but it's wrong
at least on MIPS were _NSIG is 128.

Based on a patch from Arnaud Patard <>

Signed-off-by: Aurelien Jarno <>

e9273455 11/24/2009 03:10 pm Paul Brook

Add missing break.

Signed-off-by: Paul Brook <>

426f5abc 11/22/2009 11:35 pm Paul Brook

ARM atomic ops rewrite

Implement ARMv6 atomic ops (ldrex/strex) using the same trick as PPC.

Signed-off-by: Paul Brook <>

5499b6ff 11/22/2009 03:12 pm Aurelien Jarno

target-mips: rename CP0_LLAddr into lladdr

The variable CP0_LLAddr represent the full lladdr, not the actual
register value, which is only part of this value and depends on the

Signed-off-by: Aurelien Jarno <>

b4558d74 11/07/2009 06:34 pm Blue Swirl

(x86/Sparc/PPC)-user: fix cpu_copy

b55a37c981914aa8ecd21b9a2a2fb37f39b917c5 moved the call to cpu_reset
to user emulators. But cpu_copy also initializes a CPU structure, so add the
call also there.

Signed-off-by: Blue Swirl <>

b55a37c9 11/07/2009 12:37 pm Blue Swirl

user: move CPU reset call to main.c for x86/PPC/Sparc

Signed-off-by: Blue Swirl <>

dab46405 10/17/2009 09:52 pm Jan-Simon Möller

Re: linux-user/syscall.c - don't add GUEST_BASE to NULL pointer

This patch fixes the mount call. GUEST_BASE shouldn't be added to a NULL pointer on arg5 . failing call:
mount("rootfs", "/", 0x47a78, MS_MGC_VAL|MS_REMOUNT, 0x10000) = -1 EFAULT (Bad address)...

f7680a55 10/17/2009 11:38 am Ulrich Hecht

linux-user: KD/VT/FB ioctls

everything needed to run SDL on a framebuffer device in the userspace emulator

Signed-off-by: Ulrich Hecht <>
Signed-off-by: Riku Voipio <>

cf6de34a 10/16/2009 02:37 pm Riku Voipio

linux-user: Update ARM hwcaps

Update ARM hwcaps to match Linux kernel 2.6.31 state

Signed-off-by: Riku Voipio <>

e2cc3f6e 10/16/2009 02:36 pm Paul Bolle

linux-user: don't zero a buffer twice

prepare_binprm() zeroes bprm->buf. That buffer is already zeroed in
main() and hasn't been touched since so that is not necessary.

Signed-off-by: Paul Bolle <>
Signed-off-by: Riku Voipio <>

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