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Revision 3cbee15b


Added by j_mayer almost 16 years ago

  • sort the PowerPC target object files
  • make PowerPC NVRAM accessors generic to be able to use a MacIO NVRAM
    instead of the M48T59 one
  • split PowerMac targets code:
    - move all PowerMac related definitions and prototypes into hw/ppc_mac.h
    - add hw/mac_dbdma.c, hw/mac_nvram.c and macio.c
    which implements shared PowerMac devices
    - define the g3bw machine in a new hw/ppc_oldworld.c file
  • Fix the g3bw target:
    - fix the Grackle host PCI device
    - connect the Heathrow PIC to the PowerPC 6xx bus pins

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