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Added by Daniel P. Berrange almost 13 years ago

Add a DTrace tracing backend targetted for SystemTAP compatability

This introduces a new tracing backend that targets the SystemTAP
implementation of DTrace userspace tracing. The core functionality
should be applicable and standard across any DTrace implementation
on Solaris, OS-X, *BSD, but the Makefile rules will likely need
some small additional changes to cope with OS specific build

This backend builds a little differently from the other tracing
backends. Specifically there is no 'trace.c' file, because the
'dtrace' command line tool generates a '.o' file directly from
the dtrace probe definition file. The probe definition is usually
named with a '.d' extension but QEMU uses '.d' files for its
external makefile dependancy tracking, so this uses '.dtrace' as
the extension for the probe definition file.

The 'tracetool' program gains the ability to generate a trace.h
file for DTrace, and also to generate the trace.d file containing
the dtrace probe definition.

Example usage of a dtrace probe in systemtap looks like:

probe process("qemu").mark("qemu_malloc") {
printf("Malloc %d %p\n", $arg1, $arg2);
  • .gitignore: Ignore trace-dtrace.*
  • Makefile: Extra rules for generating DTrace files
  • Makefile.obj: Don't build trace.o for DTrace, use
    trace-dtrace.o generated by 'dtrace' instead
  • tracetool: Support for generating DTrace data files

Signed-off-by: Daniel P. Berrange <>
Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <>


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