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cpu.h 10.1 kB
exec.h 1.4 kB
helper.c 9.6 kB
helper.h 579 Bytes
machine.c 163 Bytes
microblaze-decode.h 2.1 kB
mmu.c 9.1 kB
mmu.h 3 kB
op_helper.c 6.8 kB
translate.c 44.1 kB

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# Date Author Comment
72cf2d4f 09/12/2009 10:36 am Blue Swirl

Fix sys-queue.h conflict for good

Problem: Our file sys-queue.h is a copy of the BSD file, but there are
some additions and it's not entirely compatible. Because of that, there have
been conflicts with system headers on BSD systems. Some hacks have been
introduced in the commits 15cc9235840a22c289edbe064a9b3c19c5f49896,...

02b33596 09/11/2009 11:38 am Edgar E. Iglesias

microblaze: Trap if QEMU finds an unknown insns.

If PVR settings enable illegal insn trap, trap when QEMU finds an
insn it knows nothing about.

Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <>

a12f6507 09/11/2009 11:35 am Edgar E. Iglesias

microblaze: Correct prio between MMU and unaligned exceptions.

The microblaze gives MMU faults priority. For stores we still
have a flaw that the value leaks to memory in the case of an
unaligned exception.

Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <>

97f90cbf 09/11/2009 11:27 am Edgar E. Iglesias

microblaze: HW Exception fixes.

  • Correct PVR checks for masking off individual exceptions.
  • Correct FPU exception code.
  • Set EAR on unaligned and unassigned exceptions.

Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <>

0187688f 09/04/2009 11:38 am Edgar E. Iglesias

microblaze: Trap on illegal load/store sizes.

Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <>

329bfa77 09/04/2009 10:40 am Edgar E. Iglesias

microblaze: Correct FPU decoding masks.

Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <>

3aa80988 09/03/2009 11:28 pm Edgar E. Iglesias

microblaze: Compute masks for alignment checks at translation time.

Thanks to Blue Swirl for reporting.
Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <>

faed1c2a 09/03/2009 02:25 pm Edgar E. Iglesias

microblaze: Trap on bus accesses to unmapped areas.

Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <>

3c50a71f 09/03/2009 02:04 pm Edgar E. Iglesias

microblaze: MMU shows more respect to synthesis config.

The microblaze MMU can be synthesized in different configurations.
Have the MMU model show more respect to the chosen configuration.

Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <>

968a40f6 09/03/2009 01:59 pm Edgar E. Iglesias

microblaze: Trap on unaligned data accesses.


Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <>

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