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ad0a4ac1 09/04/2010 12:53 pm Avi Kivity

Fix ivshmem build on 32-bit hosts

stat() fields can be more or less anything depending on configuration, cast
explicitly to uint64_t to avoid printf() format mismatches.

Signed-off-by: Avi Kivity <>
Signed-off-by: Blue Swirl <>

1b27d7a1 09/04/2010 12:52 pm Jes Sorensen

hw/ivshmem.c don't check for negative values on unsigned data types

There is no need to check for dest < 0 or vector >= 0 as both are

This should fix problems with broken build with aggressive compiler
flags. Reported by Xudong Hao <>...

6cbf4c8c 08/11/2010 12:25 am Cam Macdonell

RESEND: Inter-VM shared memory PCI device

resend for bug fix related to removal of irqfd

Support an inter-vm shared memory device that maps a shared-memory object as a
PCI device in the guest. This patch also supports interrupts between guest by
communicating over a unix domain socket. This patch applies to the qemu-kvm...