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353ac78d 04/27/2011 06:24 pm Aneesh Kumar K.V

virtio-9p: move 9p files around

Now that we start adding more files related to 9pfs
it make sense to move them to a separate directory

Signed-off-by: Aneesh Kumar K.V <>
Signed-off-by: Venkateswararao Jujjuri <>

64b85a8f 01/23/2011 06:21 pm Blue Swirl

Delete useless 'extern' qualifiers for functions

'extern' qualifier is useless for function declarations. Delete

Signed-off-by: Blue Swirl <>

9f506893 10/20/2010 08:10 pm Harsh Prateek Bora

[virtio-9p] Qemu 9p commandline options validity checks

Signed-off-by: Harsh Prateek Bora <>
Signed-off-by: Venkateswararao Jujjuri <>

526c5237 09/21/2010 07:35 pm Gerd Hoffmann

Use machine_init() to register virtfs config options.

9ce56db6 06/22/2010 11:15 pm Venkateswararao Jujjuri (JV)

virtio-9p: Introduces an option to specify the security model.

The new option is:

-fsdev fstype,id=myid,path=/share_path/,security_model=[mapped|passthrough]
-virtfs fstype,path=/share_path/,security_model=[mapped|passthrough],mnt_tag=tag

In the case of mapped security model, files are created with QEMU user...

74db920c 05/03/2010 08:17 pm Gautham R Shenoy

virtio-9p: Create a commandline option -fsdev

This patch creates a new command line option named -fsdev to hold any file
system specific information.

The option will currently hold the following attributes:
-fsdev fstype id=id,path=path_to_share
fstype: Type of the file system....

9f107513 05/03/2010 08:17 pm Anthony Liguori

virtio-9p: Add a virtio 9p device to qemu

This patch doesn't implement the 9p protocol handling
code. It adds a simple device which dump the protocol data.

[: Little-Endian to host format conversion]
[: Multiple-mounts support]...

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