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3c7b48b7 03/12/2010 08:44 pm Paul Brook

Target specific usermode cleanup

Disable various target specific code that is only relevant to system emulation.

Signed-off-by: Paul Brook <>

e1aa3254 02/20/2010 03:03 pm Edgar E. Iglesias

microblaze: Dont segfault when singlestepping first insn.

Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <>

4c24aa0a 12/16/2009 01:54 pm Michal Simek

microblaze: Print content of EAR register

I need to see EAR register in output because I need to parse irqsoff problem.

Signed-off-by: Michal Simek <>
Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <>

17c52a43 12/16/2009 01:52 pm Edgar E. Iglesias

microblaze: Update debug logs.

Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <>

95b279de 11/12/2009 03:14 am Edgar E. Iglesias

microblaze: Restore env when raising unmapped bus access.

Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <>

c227f099 10/02/2009 12:12 am Anthony Liguori

Revert "Get rid of _t suffix"

In the very least, a change like this requires discussion on the list.

The naming convention is goofy and it causes a massive merge problem. Something
like this must be presented on the list first so people can provide input...

99a0949b 10/01/2009 09:45 pm malc

Get rid of _t suffix

Some not so obvious bits, slirp and Xen were left alone for the time

Signed-off-by: malc <>

97f90cbf 09/11/2009 11:27 am Edgar E. Iglesias

microblaze: HW Exception fixes.

  • Correct PVR checks for masking off individual exceptions.
  • Correct FPU exception code.
  • Set EAR on unaligned and unassigned exceptions.

Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <>

3aa80988 09/03/2009 11:28 pm Edgar E. Iglesias

microblaze: Compute masks for alignment checks at translation time.

Thanks to Blue Swirl for reporting.
Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <>

faed1c2a 09/03/2009 02:25 pm Edgar E. Iglesias

microblaze: Trap on bus accesses to unmapped areas.

Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <>

968a40f6 09/03/2009 01:59 pm Edgar E. Iglesias

microblaze: Trap on unaligned data accesses.


Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <>

821ebb33 09/03/2009 01:52 pm Edgar E. Iglesias

microblaze: Trap on divizions by zero.

Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <>

8167ee88 07/16/2009 11:47 pm Blue Swirl

Update to a hopefully more future proof FSF address

Signed-off-by: Blue Swirl <>

4acb54ba 05/26/2009 10:10 pm Edgar E. Iglesias

microblaze: Add translation routines.

Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <>