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Makefile.objs 1.2 kB
cadence_gem.c 39.3 kB
dp8393x.c 26.4 kB
e1000.c 44 kB
e1000_regs.h 49.6 kB
eepro100.c 69.1 kB
etraxfs_eth.c 16.5 kB
lan9118.c 39.1 kB
lance.c 4.9 kB
mcf_fec.c 12.3 kB
milkymist-minimac2.c 13.9 kB
mipsnet.c 7.2 kB
ne2000-isa.c 3.6 kB
ne2000.c 22.7 kB
ne2000.h 1011 Bytes
opencores_eth.c 18.7 kB
pcnet-pci.c 11 kB
pcnet.c 54.5 kB
pcnet.h 2.1 kB
rtl8139.c 101.4 kB
smc91c111.c 22 kB
spapr_llan.c 16.1 kB
stellaris_enet.c 12.7 kB
vhost_net.c 8.4 kB
virtio-net.c 44.6 kB
vmware_utils.h 3.5 kB
vmxnet3.c 71.7 kB
vmxnet3.h 23.9 kB
vmxnet_debug.h 4.3 kB
vmxnet_rx_pkt.c 4.1 kB
vmxnet_rx_pkt.h 3.8 kB
vmxnet_tx_pkt.c 15.8 kB
vmxnet_tx_pkt.h 3.2 kB
xen_nic.c 13.8 kB
xgmac.c 14.5 kB
xilinx_axienet.c 27.9 kB
xilinx_ethlite.c 7.5 kB

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
371a775d 06/15/2013 01:53 pm Blue Swirl

Merge branch 'realize-isa.v2' of git://

  • 'realize-isa.v2' of git://
    qdev: Drop FROM_QBUS() macro
    isa: QOM'ify ISADevice
    isa: QOM'ify ISABus
    i8259: Convert PICCommonState to use QOM realizefn...
97f31cbc 06/10/2013 07:37 pm Anthony Liguori

Merge remote-tracking branch 'stefanha/net' into staging

  1. By Jason Wang (1) and Stefan Hajnoczi (1)
  2. Via Stefan Hajnoczi
    • stefanha/net:
      tap: fix NULL dereference when passing invalid parameters to tap
      vmxnet3: fix NICState cleanup

Message-id: ...

4e298e46 06/10/2013 02:00 pm Stefan Weil

xilinx_axienet: Fix bit mask code

Obviously the code wanted to mask the lower bits but failed to do so
because of a missing "<".

cppcheck detected a conditional expression which was always true (1 < 7).

Signed-off-by: Stefan Weil <>
Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <>

db895a1e 06/07/2013 01:14 pm Andreas Färber

isa: Use realizefn for ISADevice

Drop ISADeviceClass::init and the resulting no-op initfn and let
children implement their own realizefn. Adapt error handling.
Split off an instance_init where sensible.

Signed-off-by: Andreas Färber <>

3ffee3cd 06/05/2013 12:18 pm Stefan Hajnoczi

vmxnet3: fix NICState cleanup

Use qemu_del_nic() instead of qemu_del_net_client() to correctly free
the entire NICState.

Reported-by: Paolo Bonzini <>
Signed-off-by: Stefan Hajnoczi <>

00b7ade8 05/24/2013 05:34 pm Stefan Hajnoczi

rtl8139: flush queued packets when RxBufPtr is written

Net queues support efficient "receive disable". For example, tap's file
descriptor will not be polled while its peer has receive disabled. This
saves CPU cycles for needlessly copying and then dropping packets which...

644c9858 05/22/2013 03:40 pm Dmitry Fleytman

virtio-net: dynamic network offloads configuration

Virtio-net driver currently negotiates network offloads
on startup via features mechanism and have no ability to
disable and re-enable offloads later.
This patch introduced a new control command that allows...

8a253ec2 05/15/2013 04:48 pm KONRAD Frederic

virtio-net: add virtio_net_set_netclient_name.

This adds virtio_net_set_netclient_name, which is used to set the
name and type shown in "info network" command.

Signed-off-by: KONRAD Frederic <>
Message-id: ...

d7108d90 05/07/2013 02:43 pm Jason Wang

virtio-net: properly check the vhost status during status set

Commit 32993698 (vhost: disable on tap link down) tries to disable the vhost
also when the peer's link is down. But the check was not done properly, the
vhost were only started when:

1) peer's link is not down...

e0ff466c 05/06/2013 06:22 pm Alexey Kardashevskiy

spapr_llan: fix device reenabling

Normally, the "tap" device is polled by QEMU if a guest NIC can
receive packets. If a guest NIC is stopped during transfer (rmmod or
ifdown), it may still have packets in a queue which have to be send
to the guest before QEMU enables polling of a "tap" interface via...

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