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Added by David Gibson almost 10 years ago

Implement the PAPR (pSeries) virtualized interrupt controller (xics)

PAPR defines an interrupt control architecture which is logically divided
into ICS (Interrupt Control Presentation, each unit is responsible for
presenting interrupts to a particular "interrupt server", i.e. CPU) and
ICS (Interrupt Control Source, each unit responsible for one or more
hardware interrupts as numbered globally across the system). All PAPR
virtual IO devices expect to deliver interrupts via this mechanism. In
Linux, this interrupt controller system is handled by the "xics" driver.

On pSeries systems, access to the interrupt controller is virtualized via
hypercalls and RTAS methods. However, the virtualized interface is very
similar to the underlying interrupt controller hardware, and similar PICs
exist un-virtualized in some other systems.

This patch implements both the ICP and ICS sides of the PAPR interrupt
controller. For now, only the hypercall virtualized interface is provided,
however it would be relatively straightforward to graft an emulated
register interface onto the underlying interrupt logic if we want to add
a machine with a hardware ICS/ICP system in the future.

There are some limitations in this implementation: it is assumed for now
that only one instance of the ICS exists, although a full xics system can
have several, each responsible for a different group of hardware irqs.
ICP/ICS can handle both level-sensitve (LSI) and message signalled (MSI)
interrupt inputs. For now, this implementation supports only MSI
interrupts, since that is used by PAPR virtual IO devices.

Signed-off-by: Paul Mackerras <>
Signed-off-by: David Gibson <>
Signed-off-by: Alexander Graf <>


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