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Revision e1c247d2


Added by Anthony Liguori over 12 years ago

pc-bios: update to latest Seabios

- 0360e8e Seabios e820 reservation portion v3
- 7149fc8 Initial support for booting from USB drives.
- 3c160dd Introduce helper functions for finding USB end-points.
- 9571439 USB UHCI cleanups.
- a4bd919 Minor - arrange struct drive_s to clarify field roles.
- dac46b1 Fix off by one error in strtcpy.
- d2d1de0 Don't require a valid physical cylinders/heads/spt for logical mapping.
- 76977b2 Move common "command data block" functions to new file blockcmd.c.
- d7e998f Dynamically allocate each drive_g with malloc_fseg().
- 525be69 Add *.pyc to .gitignore.
- 7d70025 Add common "block command" definitions and update cdrom code.
- 68caaa7 Optimize ntohl() code.
- 42157c8 Minor - sort ATA CMD definitions.
- 54671c1 Initial support for USB hubs.
- 7852331 Minor - increase debug level of some USB debug statements.
- ba94a68 Don't leave USB UHCI ports disabled for extended time during reset.
- 49a0aa6 Don't parallelize USB OHCI root port reset.
- cfdc13f Introduce standard warnings for allocation failures and timeouts.
- 8bbc79c Add symbolic definitions for USB delays.
- 991eaff Support USB interrupt schedules on OHCI and UHCI.
- 59c7574 Add some ASSERT32FLAT() to help compiler eliminate dead code.
- e1920be seabios: acpi: fix memory leak in build_srat().
- 84a4d4b Support USB keyboard auto-repeat.
- bf7f1f3 mptable: Pull cpuid_signature/features setting out of loop.
- 6f702dd Rework disabling of ps2 port irqs.
- 2d3f0f5 Go back to using 0xf0000000 for PCI memory start.
- 41c0957 Read APIC version from APIC instead of using a hard-coded value.
- 7a98fd0 Work around bochs floppy issue with wait_irq().
- 4d07902 Add CONFIG_ATA_DMA option; default to off for now.
- 3012af1 Fix PkgLength calculation for the SSDT.
- 92a5742 Add explicit Program Headers to linker scripts.
- 6fc91b2 Prep version for next release.

Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <>


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