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e0c64d08 05/03/2011 04:35 pm Gerd Hoffmann

spice: don't create updates in spice server context.

This patch moves the creation of spice screen updates from the spice
server context to qemu iothread context (display refresh timer to be
exact). This way we avoid accessing qemu internals (display surface)...

07536094 05/03/2011 04:35 pm Gerd Hoffmann

spice: don't call displaystate callbacks from spice server context.

This patch moves the displaystate callback calls for setting the cursor
and the mouse pointer from spice server to qemu (iothread) context.
This allows us to simplify locking.

Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <>

7466bc49 11/02/2010 01:43 pm Gerd Hoffmann

spice-display: replace private lock with qemu mutex.

qemu_spice_create_update() must aquire the global qemu mutex to
make sure DisplayState doesn't change while we are accessing it.

Once this is in place the private lock is pretty pointless as
everything it protects is covered by the global qemu mutex now....

a3e22260 09/21/2010 07:36 pm Gerd Hoffmann

spice: simple display

With that patch applied you'll actually see the guests screen in the
spice client. This does not bring qxl and full spice support though.
This is basically the qxl vga mode made more generic, so it plays
together with any qemu-emulated gfx card. You can display stdvga or...