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Name Size
TODO 1.1 kB
cpu.h 28 kB
cpuid.c 42.3 kB
exec.h 8.6 kB
helper.c 37.1 kB
helper.h 6.3 kB
helper_template.h 8.6 kB
kvm.c 40.4 kB
kvm_x86.h 485 Bytes
machine.c 14.1 kB
op_helper.c 159.3 kB
ops_sse.h 58.1 kB
ops_sse_header.h 11.7 kB
svm.h 5.8 kB
translate.c 257.2 kB

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
db0ad1ba 10/21/2010 12:15 am Joerg Roedel

Set cpuid definition to 0 before initializing it

This patch cleans the (stack-allocated) cpuid definition to
0 before actually initializing it.

Signed-off-by: Joerg Roedel <>
Signed-off-by: Avi Kivity <>

296acb64 10/21/2010 12:15 am Joerg Roedel

Add svm cpuid features

This patch adds the svm cpuid feature flags to the qemu
intialization path. It also adds the svm features available
on phenom to its cpu-definition and extends the host cpu
type to support all svm features KVM can provide.

Signed-off-by: Joerg Roedel <>...

e7701825 10/21/2010 12:15 am Marcelo Tosatti

kvm: x86: add mce support

Port qemu-kvm's MCE support

commit c68b2374c9048812f488e00ffb95db66c0bc07a7
Author: Huang Ying <>
Date: Mon Jul 20 10:00:53 2009 +0800

Add MCE simulation support to qemu/kvm
KVM ioctls are used to initialize MCE simulation and inject MCE. The...
4581cbcd 10/13/2010 09:43 pm Blue Swirl

i386: avoid a write only variable

Compiling with GCC 4.6.0 20100925 produced warnings:
/src/qemu/target-i386/op_helper.c: In function 'switch_tss':
/src/qemu/target-i386/op_helper.c:283:53: error: variable 'new_trap' set but not used [-Werror=unused-but-set-variable]...

3329f07b 08/23/2010 01:11 am Gerd Hoffmann

QemuOpts: make most qemu_*_opts static

Switch tree to lookup-by-name using qemu_find_opts().
Also hook up virtfs options so qemu_find_opts works for them too.

Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <>
Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <>

583cd3cb 08/23/2010 12:19 am Adam Lackorzynski

target-i386: svm: Fix MSRPM check

Correct the calculation of the offset in the msrpm
for the MSR range 0 - 0x1fff.

Signed-off-by: Adam Lackorzynski <>
Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <>

66fe09ee 08/21/2010 12:03 am Blue Swirl

Use ARRAY_SIZE macro

Replace array size calculations with ARRAY_SIZE macro.

Implemented with this Coccinelle semantic patch, adapted from
Linux kernel:
type T;
T[] E;

- (sizeof(E)/sizeof(*E))

type T;
T[] E;

- (sizeof(E)/sizeof(E[...]))...

728d803b 07/25/2010 06:04 pm Jun Koi

target-i386: use gen_update_cc_op()

This patch simplifies target-i386/translate.c a bit by replacing some
code with gen_update_cc_op()

Signed-off-by: Jun Koi <>
Signed-off-by: Aurelien Jarno <>

5779406a 07/24/2010 03:34 pm Jun Koi

use symbol for DisasContext->is_jmp

This patch replaces constant value assigned for (DisasContext
*)->is_jmp with DISAS_TB_JUMP.

Signed-off-by: Jun Koi <>
Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <>

a88790a1 07/03/2010 09:48 am Paolo Bonzini

remove exec-all.h inclusion from cpu.h

Signed-off-by: Paolo Bonzini <>
Signed-off-by: Blue Swirl <>

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