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Makefile.objs 440 Bytes
esp-pci.c 14.3 kB
esp.c 19.3 kB
lsi53c895a.c 60.9 kB
megasas.c 68.8 kB
mfi.h 36.4 kB
scsi-bus.c 53.3 kB
scsi-disk.c 75.3 kB
scsi-generic.c 14.3 kB
spapr_vscsi.c 28.5 kB
srp.h 6.3 kB
vhost-scsi.c 7.9 kB
viosrp.h 6.7 kB
virtio-scsi.c 20.2 kB
vmw_pvscsi.c 33.1 kB
vmw_pvscsi.h 14.2 kB

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
f487b677 07/04/2013 06:42 pm Paolo Bonzini

dma: keep a device alive while it has SGLists

Reviewed-by: Anthony Liguori <>
Signed-off-by: Paolo Bonzini <>

cac3c384 07/04/2013 06:37 pm Paolo Bonzini

scsi: keep device alive while it has requests

Reviewed-by: Anthony Liguori <>
Signed-off-by: Paolo Bonzini <>

df32fd1c 06/20/2013 05:39 pm Paolo Bonzini

dma: eliminate DMAContext

The DMAContext is a simple pointer to an AddressSpace that is now always
already available. Make everyone hold the address space directly,
and clean up the DMA API to use the AddressSpace directly.

Reviewed-by: Peter Maydell <>...

7721c7f7 06/18/2013 01:43 pm Pavel Hrdina

scsi: reset cdrom tray statuses on scsi_disk_reset

Tray statuses should be also reset. Some guests may lock the tray and
right after resetting the guest it should be unlocked and closed. This
is done on power-on, reset and resume from suspend/hibernate on bare-metal....

53254e56 06/18/2013 01:43 pm Paolo Bonzini

scsi-generic: fix sign extension of READ CAPACITY data

Issuing the READ CAPACITY command in the guest will cause QEMU
to update its knowledge of the maximum accessible LBA in the disk.
The recorded maximum LBA will be wrong if the disk is bigger than...

d836f8d3 06/18/2013 01:43 pm Pavel Hrdina

scsi-generic: check the return value of bdrv_aio_ioctl in execute_command

This fixes the bug introduced by this commit ad54ae80c73f.
The bdrv_aio_ioctl() still could return null and we should return an error
in that case.

Signed-off-by: Pavel Hrdina <>...

18e673b8 06/18/2013 01:43 pm Pavel Hrdina

scsi-disk: scsi-block device for scsi pass-through should not be removable

This patch adds a new SCSI_DISK_F_NO_REMOVABLE_DEVOPS feature. By this
feature we can set that the scsi-block (scsi pass-through) device will still
be removable from the guest side, but from monitor it cannot be removed....

0e22a2d1 06/18/2013 01:43 pm Stefan Hajnoczi

vhost-scsi: fix k->set_guest_notifiers() NULL dereference

Coverity picked up a copy-paste bug. In vhost_scsi_start() we check for
!k->set_guest_notifiers and error out. The check probably got copied
but instead of erroring we actually use the function pointer!...

dcb07809 06/11/2013 10:45 pm Stefan Weil

hw/scsi: Don't increment a boolean value

This fixes a warning from cppcheck.

Signed-off-by: Stefan Weil <>
Signed-off-by: Michael Tokarev <>

4f39178b 05/24/2013 07:42 pm Paolo Bonzini

exec: eliminate qemu_put_ram_ptr

Reviewed-by: Peter Maydell <>
Signed-off-by: Paolo Bonzini <>

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