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Revision fda6a0ec


Added by David Gibson almost 10 years ago

Use "hash" more consistently in ppc mmu code

Currently, get_segment() has a variable called hash. However it doesn't
(quite) get the hash value for the ppc hashed page table. Instead it
gets the hash shifted - effectively the offset of the hash bucket within
the hash page table.

As well, as being different to the normal use of plain "hash" in the
architecture documentation, this usage necessitates some awkward 32/64
dependent masks and shifts which clutter up the path in get_segment().

This patch alters the code to use raw hash values through get_segment()
including storing raw hashes instead of pte group offsets in the ctx
structure. This cleans up the path noticeably.

This does necessitate 32/64 dependent shifts when the hash values are
taken out of the ctx structure and used, but those paths already have
32/64 bit variants so this is less awkward than it was in get_segment().

Signed-off-by: David Gibson <>
Signed-off-by: Alexander Graf <>


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