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085b8e24 05/07/2013 04:07 pm Thomas Thrainer

Fix `drbdsetup show` parsing for DRBD 8.4

In DRBD 8.4, Ganeti does no longer use indexed external meta data but
flexible external metadata. Therefore, there is no longer a meta data
index in the output of `drbdsetup show`.

Signed-off-by: Thomas Thrainer <>...

47e0abee 05/06/2013 11:47 am Thomas Thrainer

Split DRBD8Dev into DRBD8 and DRBD8Dev

All functionality specific to a single DRBD8 devide is now in DRBD8Dev,
whereas functionality which is valid for the whole DRBD "installation"
on a device is collected in DRBD8.

This makes it possible to remove a couple of FIXME's and clarifies the...

239364d0 05/06/2013 11:30 am Thomas Thrainer

Rename DRBD8 to DRBD8Dev

Right now the DRBD8 class has multiple responsibilities: a) it
reprensents a device which can be set up, grown, etc. and b) it
represents the whole DRBD system on a node which has a usermode helper,
which knows how to shut down all devices, etc. Therefore, the DRBD8Dev...

5bb0a1cb 05/06/2013 11:30 am Thomas Thrainer

Make DRBD version queryable from noded

gnt-cluster verify should issue a warning if there are multiple DRBD
versions present in a node group. In order to do so, the DRBD version
has to be queryable from noded.

Signed-off-by: Thomas Thrainer <>...

d30fa488 05/03/2013 10:42 am Thomas Thrainer

Support DRBD 8.4.3 command syntax

DRBD 8.4.3 does not support specifying volume ids directly while
creating the meta device. It requires a slightly different syntax (using
flex-external as volume id) which is fortunately also supported by (at
least) DRBD 8.4.2....

5519f036 04/29/2013 11:13 pm Bernardo Dal Seno

Merge branch 'stable-2.8' into master

  • stable-2.8: (42 commits)
    Add shelltests for hspace allocation
    hspace: Handle multiple ipolicy specs
    QA: Test multiple instance specs
    QA: Handle multiple instance specs
    Unit test for cli.FormatPolicyInfo()...
daec28a7 04/29/2013 07:05 pm Thomas Thrainer

Add command generator for DRBD 8.4

The DRBD84CmdGenerator class, which generates commands suited for DRBD
8.4, is added. A common baseclass for DRBD83CmdGenerator and
DRBD84CmdGenerator is introduced as well.

Signed-off-by: Thomas Thrainer <>...

09a78e1c 04/29/2013 07:05 pm Thomas Thrainer

Extract command generation logic from DRBD8

In order to easily support the DRBD 8.4 command syntax, this patch
extracts all command generation logic (i.e. where calls to `drbdsetup`
are assembled) into a new class DRBD83CmdGenerator.

Signed-off-by: Thomas Thrainer <>...

27c7d9c3 04/29/2013 07:05 pm Thomas Thrainer

Use DRBD84ShowInfo based on DRBD version

Now the DRBD8 class actually checks which version of DRBD is running on
the system and chooses the right class to parse the `drbdsetup show`

Signed-off-by: Thomas Thrainer <>
Signed-off-by: Michele Tartara <>...

5520d04d 04/29/2013 07:05 pm Thomas Thrainer

Add `drbdsetup show` parser for DRBD 8.4

Common functionality between the DRBD 8.3 and DRBD 8.4 parser has been
extracted into BaseShowInfo. A test which verifies the behaviour is
included, but the DRBD84ShowInfo class is not yet used within the DRBD8

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