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1 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
2 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
3 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
4 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
# Copyright (C) 2007, 2008 Google Inc.
5 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
6 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
7 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
8 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
9 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
# (at your option) any later version.
10 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
11 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
12 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
# WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
14 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
# General Public License for more details.
15 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
16 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
17 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
18 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
# Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA
19 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
# 02110-1301, USA.
20 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
21 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
"""Serializer abstraction module
22 8d14b30d Iustin Pop

23 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
This module introduces a simple abstraction over the serialization
24 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
backend (currently json).
25 8d14b30d Iustin Pop

26 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
27 b459a848 Andrea Spadaccini
# pylint: disable=C0103
28 fe267188 Iustin Pop
29 fe267188 Iustin Pop
# C0103: Invalid name, since pylint doesn't see that Dump points to a
30 fe267188 Iustin Pop
# function and not a constant
31 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
32 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
import re
33 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
34 b76fd1bc Michael Hanselmann
# Python 2.6 and above contain a JSON module based on simplejson. Unfortunately
35 b76fd1bc Michael Hanselmann
# the standard library version is significantly slower than the external
36 b76fd1bc Michael Hanselmann
# module. While it should be better from at least Python 3.2 on (see Python
37 b76fd1bc Michael Hanselmann
# issue 7451), for now Ganeti needs to work well with older Python versions
38 b76fd1bc Michael Hanselmann
# too.
39 b76fd1bc Michael Hanselmann
import simplejson
40 b76fd1bc Michael Hanselmann
41 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
from ganeti import errors
42 615aaaba Michael Hanselmann
from ganeti import utils
43 071448fb Michael Hanselmann
44 d357f531 Michael Hanselmann
45 d0c8c01d Iustin Pop
_RE_EOLSP = re.compile("[ \t]+$", re.MULTILINE)
46 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
47 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
48 a182a3ed Michael Hanselmann
def DumpJson(data):
49 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
  """Serialize a given object.
50 8d14b30d Iustin Pop

51 c41eea6e Iustin Pop
  @param data: the data to serialize
52 c41eea6e Iustin Pop
  @return: the string representation of data
53 071448fb Michael Hanselmann

54 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
55 a182a3ed Michael Hanselmann
  encoded = simplejson.dumps(data)
56 071448fb Michael Hanselmann
57 a182a3ed Michael Hanselmann
  txt = _RE_EOLSP.sub("", encoded)
58 d0c8c01d Iustin Pop
  if not txt.endswith("\n"):
59 d0c8c01d Iustin Pop
    txt += "\n"
60 d357f531 Michael Hanselmann
61 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
  return txt
62 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
63 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
64 228538cf Michael Hanselmann
def LoadJson(txt):
65 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
  """Unserialize data from a string.
66 8d14b30d Iustin Pop

67 c41eea6e Iustin Pop
  @param txt: the json-encoded form
68 c41eea6e Iustin Pop

69 c41eea6e Iustin Pop
  @return: the original data
70 c41eea6e Iustin Pop

71 8d14b30d Iustin Pop
72 cdeda3b6 Michael Hanselmann
  return simplejson.loads(txt)
73 228538cf Michael Hanselmann
74 228538cf Michael Hanselmann
75 72ca1dcb Balazs Lecz
def DumpSignedJson(data, key, salt=None, key_selector=None):
76 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
  """Serialize a given object and authenticate it.
77 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter

78 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
  @param data: the data to serialize
79 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
  @param key: shared hmac key
80 72ca1dcb Balazs Lecz
  @param key_selector: name/id that identifies the key (in case there are
81 72ca1dcb Balazs Lecz
    multiple keys in use, e.g. in a multi-cluster environment)
82 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
  @return: the string representation of data signed by the hmac key
83 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter

84 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
85 a182a3ed Michael Hanselmann
  txt = DumpJson(data)
86 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
  if salt is None:
87 d0c8c01d Iustin Pop
    salt = ""
88 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
  signed_dict = {
89 d0c8c01d Iustin Pop
    "msg": txt,
90 d0c8c01d Iustin Pop
    "salt": salt,
91 3718bf6d Michael Hanselmann
92 3718bf6d Michael Hanselmann
93 72ca1dcb Balazs Lecz
  if key_selector:
94 72ca1dcb Balazs Lecz
    signed_dict["key_selector"] = key_selector
95 72ca1dcb Balazs Lecz
96 3718bf6d Michael Hanselmann
    key_selector = ""
97 3718bf6d Michael Hanselmann
98 3718bf6d Michael Hanselmann
  signed_dict["hmac"] = utils.Sha1Hmac(key, txt, salt=salt + key_selector)
99 72ca1dcb Balazs Lecz
100 a182a3ed Michael Hanselmann
  return DumpJson(signed_dict)
101 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
102 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
103 4e9dac14 Guido Trotter
def LoadSignedJson(txt, key):
104 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
  """Verify that a given message was signed with the given key, and load it.
105 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter

106 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
  @param txt: json-encoded hmac-signed message
107 72ca1dcb Balazs Lecz
  @param key: the shared hmac key or a callable taking one argument (the key
108 72ca1dcb Balazs Lecz
    selector), which returns the hmac key belonging to the key selector.
109 72ca1dcb Balazs Lecz
    Typical usage is to pass a reference to the get method of a dict.
110 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
  @rtype: tuple of original data, string
111 4e9dac14 Guido Trotter
  @return: original data, salt
112 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
  @raises errors.SignatureError: if the message signature doesn't verify
113 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter

114 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
115 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
  signed_dict = LoadJson(txt)
116 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
  if not isinstance(signed_dict, dict):
117 d0c8c01d Iustin Pop
    raise errors.SignatureError("Invalid external message")
118 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
119 d0c8c01d Iustin Pop
    msg = signed_dict["msg"]
120 d0c8c01d Iustin Pop
    salt = signed_dict["salt"]
121 d0c8c01d Iustin Pop
    hmac_sign = signed_dict["hmac"]
122 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
  except KeyError:
123 d0c8c01d Iustin Pop
    raise errors.SignatureError("Invalid external message")
124 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
125 72ca1dcb Balazs Lecz
  if callable(key):
126 b459a848 Andrea Spadaccini
    # pylint: disable=E1103
127 72ca1dcb Balazs Lecz
    key_selector = signed_dict.get("key_selector", None)
128 72ca1dcb Balazs Lecz
    hmac_key = key(key_selector)
129 72ca1dcb Balazs Lecz
    if not hmac_key:
130 72ca1dcb Balazs Lecz
      raise errors.SignatureError("No key with key selector '%s' found" %
131 72ca1dcb Balazs Lecz
132 72ca1dcb Balazs Lecz
133 72ca1dcb Balazs Lecz
    key_selector = ""
134 72ca1dcb Balazs Lecz
    hmac_key = key
135 72ca1dcb Balazs Lecz
136 3718bf6d Michael Hanselmann
  if not utils.VerifySha1Hmac(hmac_key, msg, hmac_sign,
137 3718bf6d Michael Hanselmann
                              salt=salt + key_selector):
138 d0c8c01d Iustin Pop
    raise errors.SignatureError("Invalid Signature")
139 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
140 4e9dac14 Guido Trotter
  return LoadJson(msg), salt
141 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
142 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
143 5d630c22 Michael Hanselmann
def LoadAndVerifyJson(raw, verify_fn):
144 5d630c22 Michael Hanselmann
  """Parses and verifies JSON data.
145 5d630c22 Michael Hanselmann

146 5d630c22 Michael Hanselmann
  @type raw: string
147 5d630c22 Michael Hanselmann
  @param raw: Input data in JSON format
148 5d630c22 Michael Hanselmann
  @type verify_fn: callable
149 5d630c22 Michael Hanselmann
  @param verify_fn: Verification function, usually from L{ht}
150 5d630c22 Michael Hanselmann
  @return: De-serialized data
151 5d630c22 Michael Hanselmann

152 5d630c22 Michael Hanselmann
153 5d630c22 Michael Hanselmann
154 5d630c22 Michael Hanselmann
    data = LoadJson(raw)
155 5d630c22 Michael Hanselmann
  except Exception, err:
156 5d630c22 Michael Hanselmann
    raise errors.ParseError("Can't parse input data: %s" % err)
157 5d630c22 Michael Hanselmann
158 5d630c22 Michael Hanselmann
  if not verify_fn(data):
159 5d630c22 Michael Hanselmann
    raise errors.ParseError("Data does not match expected format: %s" %
160 5d630c22 Michael Hanselmann
161 5d630c22 Michael Hanselmann
162 5d630c22 Michael Hanselmann
  return data
163 5d630c22 Michael Hanselmann
164 5d630c22 Michael Hanselmann
165 228538cf Michael Hanselmann
Dump = DumpJson
166 228538cf Michael Hanselmann
Load = LoadJson
167 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
DumpSigned = DumpSignedJson
168 f4a2f532 Guido Trotter
LoadSigned = LoadSignedJson