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2a21bc88 01/29/2009 05:08 pm Iustin Pop

locking.LockSet: don't modify input arguments

Currently LockSet.acquire() sorts in place it's input argument if it's a
list. This is not good, since callers might depend on a specific
ordering of the input data, and this is a 'hidden' modification.

We fix it by simply using a sorted copy, instead of sorting in place....

f12eadb3 01/29/2009 05:08 pm Iustin Pop

Re-wrap some lines to keep them under 80 chars

This non-code change rewraps some lines in to keep them under
80 chars.

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

18cb43a2 01/29/2009 05:03 pm Oleksiy Mishchenko

RAPI: tag work

Generalize tag work for instances/nodes/cluster tag management.

Reviewed-by: iustinp

4e5a68f8 01/29/2009 05:03 pm Oleksiy Mishchenko

RAPI: rlib1 removal

The resources we still need moved to rlib2.

Reviewed-by: iustinp

fc72a3a3 01/29/2009 05:02 pm Oleksiy Mishchenko

RAPI: Implement /2 resource

Reviewed-by: iustinp

dc824c9f 01/29/2009 04:52 pm Oleksiy Mishchenko

RAPI: Deprecate version Rapi version1

It is impossible to keep backward compatibility due to
significant changes in the Ganeti core.

Reviewed-by: iustinp

68c6f21c 01/28/2009 09:06 pm Iustin Pop

Fix gnt-cluster modify -H and offline nodes

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

d34b16d7 01/28/2009 09:06 pm Iustin Pop

Actually mark drives as read-only if so configured

This patch correctly marks the drives as read-only for Xen, and raises
and exception for KVM since it doesn't support read-only drives.

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

df0fb067 01/28/2009 04:46 pm Iustin Pop

Fix some issues related to job cancelling

This patch fixes two issues with the cancel mechanism:
- cancelled jobs show as such, and not in error state (we mark them as
- queued jobs which are cancelled don't raise errors in the master (we...

73cd67f4 01/27/2009 06:44 pm Guido Trotter

Xen: use utils.WriteFile for the instance configs

Also raise HypervisorError rather than OpExecError.

Reviewed-by: iustinp

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