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4b75f8a4 02/13/2014 02:40 pm Jose A. Lopes

Rename some functions not to collide with opcode names

Rename some functions related to instance communication not to collide
with the naming convention used in the opcodes.

Signed-off-by: Jose A. Lopes <>
Reviewed-by: Helga Velroyen <>

2ff6426b 02/13/2014 02:34 pm Jose A. Lopes

Refactor instance communication network add and connect

Factor out the opcodes 'OpNetworkAdd' and 'OpNetworkConnect' used in
'LUClusterSetParams' and 'LUGroupAdd' in order to reduce code
duplication and keep the configuration of the instance communication...

39e27230 02/13/2014 02:34 pm Jose A. Lopes

Connect new groups to the instance communication network

When a new group is added, if the instance communication network is
enabled, then this group must also be connected to this network.

  • 'LUGroupAdd._AddInstanceCommunicationNetwork' connects the newly...
0fcb3314 02/13/2014 02:34 pm Jose A. Lopes

'gnt-cluster modify' with '--instance-communication-network'

Extend CLI 'gnt-cluster modify' with
'--instance-communication-network'. Given that the return type for
'OpClusterSetParams' changed to optionally return a list of jobs, it
is also necessary to handle the result of this opcode accordingly....

d6a7518a 02/13/2014 02:33 pm Jose A. Lopes

'LUClusterSetParams' creates the instance communication net

Extend 'LUClusterSetParams' to create the user-supplied instance
communication network in case this network does not exist. Note that
if the user-supplied network already exists, nothing needs to be done...

11eeb1b9 02/13/2014 02:33 pm Jose A. Lopes

Check prereq instance communication network in 'SetParams'

Later, the logical unit for 'OpClusterSetParams' will be responsible
for creating the instance communication network in case it does not
exist. For now, it is important to check whether the network the user...

fcafd191 02/13/2014 02:33 pm Jose A. Lopes

Add helper to handle CLIs that optionally spawn several jobs

This helper function detects whether an opcode returned a list of jobs
(i.e., a result of the type ht.TJobIdListOnly) and in this case it
uses 'ganeti.cli.JobExecutor' to wait for the jobs and determine the...

9a94cee3 02/13/2014 02:33 pm Jose A. Lopes

Instance comm network from config instead of predefined

  • Add 'ganeti.objects.Cluster.instance_communication_network' to the
    config so the logical unit for 'OpInstanceCreate' can access the
    instance communication network which is stored in the cluster...
8a5d326f 02/13/2014 02:33 pm Jose A. Lopes

Add 'instance_communication_parameter' to 'Cluster'

  • Add parameter 'instance_communication_parameter' to the Python
    'ganeti.objects.Cluster' and the Haskell 'Ganeti.Objects.Cluster'.
  • Update Haskell 'QueryClusterInfo' to return also the
    'instance_communication_network' parameter....
bcb1ab78 02/12/2014 05:54 pm Petr Pudlak

Merge branch 'stable-2.11' into master

  • stable-2.11
    Update the list dependencies in INSTALL
    Make luxid's Haskell dependencies mandatory
    Fix start/stop scripts to run luxid unconditionally
    Remove the HTOOLS configuration variable
    Add a config. conditional for running Haskell coverage...

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