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Revision 59b76636


Added by Iustin Pop almost 15 years ago

Merge commit 'origin/next'

  • commit 'origin/next': (74 commits)
    Fix gnt-node modify online help
    Fix gnt-job info entry in gnt-job(8)
    locking: Don't swallow exceptions
    Add check for duplicate MACs in instance add
    scripts/gnt-node: fix a help string
    Optimise multi-job submit
    Extend gnt-debug with more debugging options
    Return cluster tags from LUQueryClusterInfo
    Add script to clean archived jobs after 21 days
    rapi: export more static node information
    Pass the correct signal to handlers
    cli: Use ToStdout/ToStderr instead of print
    Fix small typo in gnt-node
    Simplify handling of boolean args in rapi
    Fix checks in LUSetNodeParms for the master node
    Improve the example startup script
    Fix insserv dependencies
    Fix a typo in InitCluster
    Ignore results from drained nodes in iallocator
    Ship the ethers hook


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