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a0add446 12/14/2008 02:03 pm Iustin Pop

cleanup: fix IAllocator hypervisor usage

Two problems: the iallocator.hypervisor wasn't initialized to None in
the constructor, so pylint doesn't realize it's initialized later with

Second, 'hypervisor' is a module, so we shouldn't use it as a variable....

4504c3d6 12/14/2008 02:03 pm Iustin Pop

cleanup: LUReplaceDisks unused vars

And a small whitespace fix.

Reviewed-by: amishchenko

9ca87a96 12/14/2008 02:03 pm Iustin Pop

cleanup: do not hide upper-scope name

hypervisor is a module, so we shouldn't use it as an argument.

Reviewed-by: amishchenko

43017d26 12/14/2008 02:03 pm Iustin Pop

cleanup: fix use of _CheckNodeOnline

A few cases of wrong variable name.

Reviewed-by: amishchenko

8153e7e3 12/14/2008 02:03 pm Iustin Pop

cleanup: LUAddNode, LUSetNodeParams unused variable

This is a leftover from the abstraction of AdjustCandidatePool, and it
also requires the config lock, so it's better to remove it.

Reviewed-by: amishchenko

d1dc3548 12/14/2008 02:02 pm Iustin Pop

cleanup: LURenameCluster wrong variable name

Reviewed-by: amishchenko

832261fd 12/09/2008 11:33 am Iustin Pop

Warn for instances living on offline nodes

The patch also changes the result to error for non-reachable secondary nodes
(as for primary nodes).

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

ee513a66 12/08/2008 07:45 pm Iustin Pop

Fix _AdjustCandidatePool

Currently the ConfigWriter.MaintainCandidatePool returns node names, and
_AdjustCandidatePool uses them as such, but then it passes these to
context.ReaddNode which in turn passes them to jqueue.JobQueue.AddNode which
uses them as objects.Node instances....

3a5ba66a 12/08/2008 01:46 pm Iustin Pop

gnt-node modify: add the offline attribute

This patch changes gnt-node modify and the associated opcode/lu to allow
modification of the node offline attribute.

Setting a node into offline mode automatically demotes it from the
master role.

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

0a66c968 12/05/2008 01:41 pm Iustin Pop

Make cluster verify understand offline nodes

This patch changes cluster verify to not alert on offline nodes, but
instead just show a note at the end with the number of such nodes.

It also removes warnings in verify-disks and hooks about failures to
make rpc calls to such nodes....

7527a8a4 12/05/2008 01:32 pm Iustin Pop

cmdlib: check node stats in prereqs

This patch adds checks for offline nodes in most instance LUs so that we
can work with offline secondaries, but not with offline primaries. Some
cases (like grow disk, which needs both sides up) are not allowing
offline nodes at all....

a5961235 12/05/2008 01:20 pm Iustin Pop

Add two utility functions to cmdlib

These will be used for parameter checking and node status checking.

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

ec0292f1 12/05/2008 01:14 pm Iustin Pop

Add function to compute the master candidates

Since some nodes can be offline, we can't just take the length of the
node list as the maximum possible number of master candidates.

The patch adds an utility function to correctly compute this value and
replaces hardcoded computations with the use of this function. It then...

56aa9fd5 12/05/2008 05:01 am Iustin Pop

Cleanup the config file on demotion from candidate

This patch adds a simple rpc which makes a backup of the config file and
then removes it. This is done so that cluster verify doesn't complain
immediately after demoting a node.

Reviewed-by: imsnah

cbfc4681 12/05/2008 04:58 am Iustin Pop

watcher: handle offline nodes better

This patch changes the LUQueryInstances to show a different state for
offline nodes and also modifies the watcher to understand the offline
state in its checks.

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

9ddb5e45 12/05/2008 04:53 am Iustin Pop

node list: add the offline field

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

fc0fe88c 12/05/2008 04:53 am Iustin Pop

Add a new node parameter 'offline'

This patch adds a new node parameter called offline that will be used to
mark nodes which should be touched by commands.

We also add this flag at cluster init, node add, and export it to
iallocator scripts.

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

eb1742d5 12/04/2008 04:52 pm Guido Trotter

LURemoveNode, promote nodes to master candidates

If after the remove node there are not enough master candidates, we'll
try to promote them.

Reviewed-by: imsnah

b04285f2 12/03/2008 07:23 pm Guido Trotter

LUQueryExports: fix rpcresult handling

call_export_list is a multi node call, so we need to go through the
results, extrapolate the good ones, and return a failure value for the
bad ones.

Reviewed-by: imsnah

0fff97e9 12/03/2008 07:23 pm Guido Trotter

LUAddNode: Auto-make master candidates

When a node is added, if there are not enough master candidates, we'll
automatically promote it.

Reviewed-by: imsnah

f08ce603 12/03/2008 07:22 pm Guido Trotter

LUAddNode: Check the correct result

This is a typo in the conversion to RpcResult

Reviewed-by: imsnah

3a26773f 12/03/2008 11:57 am Iustin Pop

A few fixes related to master candidates

This patch:
- fixes cluster verify when all nodes are master candidates, but the
candidate_pool_size is higher
- warn when the master node is not marked as candidate
- disable setting master node to regular node...

ec85e3d5 12/03/2008 11:55 am Iustin Pop

Fix cluster rename and known_hosts

This patch rewrites and distributes ganeti's known_hosts file in case of
a cluster rename.

We also fix a problem in the node add (from where I copied the
known_hosts file distribution).

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

25361b9a 12/02/2008 04:35 pm Iustin Pop

Fix gnt-cluster verify w.r.t. rpc changes

This partially reorganizes the cluster verify LU:
- introduce constants for the node verify rpc call
- move from additional rpc calls to a single rpc call, the
call_node_info, which gaters all data needed...

55cf7d83 12/02/2008 02:58 pm Iustin Pop

Fix cluster rename

With the recent configwriter/ssconf changes, cluster rename becomes
trivial. This patch gets rids of the code and just updates the cluster

Reviewed-by: imsnah

781de953 12/02/2008 02:58 pm Iustin Pop

Convert rpc results to a custom type

For a long time we had the problem that both RPC-layer errors and
results from the remote node share the same "valuespace". This is
because we shouldn't raise an exception when only one node failed
(and lose the results from the other nodes)....

d4b72030 12/02/2008 12:53 pm Guido Trotter

Use the new utils.CheckBEParams function

Where we used/forgot to validate beparams we now use the new common function.

Reviewed-by: imsnah

8edcd611 12/02/2008 12:25 pm Guido Trotter

Handle default/none values in hv/be params

When a value is set to constants.VALUE_DEFAULT we have to remove it from
the specific instance dict, as this way it will be populated from the
cluster before. If instead it's specified as constants.VALUE_NONE we'll...

b9322a9f 12/02/2008 12:19 pm Guido Trotter

ImportExport: make src_node and src_path optional

If src_node is not there we'll default to using the currently exported
instance name as src_path. Also, if src_path is not absolute we'll look
for it in EXPORT_DIR.

Reviewed-by: iustinp

c0cbdc67 12/02/2008 12:19 pm Guido Trotter

LUCreateInstance: handle import without src_node

If we get called with no source node we'll thread src_path as an
instance name exported in EXPORT_DIR in one of the nodes and look for
it with the export_list rpc call.

Reviewed-by: iustinp

9c8971d7 12/02/2008 12:19 pm Guido Trotter

LUCreateInstance: keep src node lock on import

Currently the node lock also guards against removing the import at the
wrong time, so if we're importing an instance image we want to keep the
source node locked. In the future we might want to put export locks at a...

112f18a5 12/02/2008 07:06 am Iustin Pop

Adjust cluster-verify to check for candidate role

Currently cluster verify checks all nodes for the same set of files,
even if the nodes are not master candidates.

This patch adds back checking of ssconf files for consistency and splits
the checksum check into different error reporting messages based on...

3e83dd48 12/02/2008 07:06 am Iustin Pop

Prevent demotion from candidate based on pool size

In gnt-cluster modify we prevent demotion from the candidate role if
there are not enough master candidates left.

Reviewed-by: imsnah

4b7735f9 12/02/2008 07:06 am Iustin Pop

Add cluster candidate pool size parameter

This patch adds a new cluster paramater "candidate_pool_size" which
tracks the desired size of the list of nodes with the master_candidate
flag set.

Reviewed-by: imsnah

b31c8676 12/02/2008 07:05 am Iustin Pop

Add a gnt-node modify operation

This patch adds the OpCode, LogicalUnit and gnt-node command for
modifying node parameters, more specifically the master candidate flag
for a node.

Reviewed-by: imsnah

0e67cdbe 12/02/2008 07:04 am Iustin Pop

Add master/master_candidate fields to node list

This patch adds listing of the master_candidate field (as Y/N) and of
the master role (again Y/N) for nodes.

Reviewed-by: imsnah

d599d686 12/01/2008 08:02 am Iustin Pop

Fix errors when the node info RPC is incomplete

[Forward-port from the 1.2 branch]

If ganeti starts before xend, the node information will not have all the
fields filled in. The patch changes so that missing keys will be treated
as unknown (this applies to other cases as well, not only xend not...

726d7d68 11/27/2008 05:13 am Iustin Pop

Fix gnt-backup export

This patch fixes a bug in disk calculation for gnt-backup export, which
completely broke one-disk instance export.

The patch also corrects some error messages and style issues.

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

268b8e42 11/27/2008 05:13 am Iustin Pop

Fix a message in LUExportInstance

We never verified the node name before, so this is most likely not a
non-retrieve but a wrong name case.

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

112050d9 11/27/2008 05:12 am Iustin Pop

Fix instance creation

This patch fixes the diskless and drbd/file based instances. Sorry :(

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

24991749 11/25/2008 02:57 pm Iustin Pop

Implement support for multi devices changes

This big patch adds support for:
- changing NIC/disks in the multi-device model
- adding/removing NICs
- adding/removing disks

The patch is big and not very nice; the error checking paths are not
very clear....

4be4691d 11/25/2008 02:57 pm Iustin Pop

Slight change to the LU initialization code

This patch adds support for a separate LU.CheckArguments() method which
should do syntactic checks without holding locks and without polluting
the ExpandNames which is a lock-related function. See for example the...

b637ae4d 11/25/2008 02:51 pm Iustin Pop

Fix a bug in LUSetInstanceParams

The wrong names were reused in a copy-paste.

Reviewed-by: imsnah

b6fdf8b8 11/25/2008 02:50 pm Iustin Pop

Show disk access mode in gnt-instance info

The mode parameter needs to be exported and shown in the info output.

Reviewed-by: imsnah

e2a65344 11/25/2008 02:50 pm Iustin Pop

Change _GenerateDiskTemplate iv_name generation

Currently the _GenerateDiskTemplate assumes it does initial creation of
disks (i.e. it starts with index 0).

For dynamic disk adds, we need to pass an additional offset. This patch
adds this offset and modifies its sole current caller....

b4364a6b 11/24/2008 11:48 am Guido Trotter

LUCreateInstance: Fix import mac AUTO mode

Previously on import LUCreateInstance used to recycle the mac if the instance
name was the same than the one used at export time. Now we do the same, but
apply the setting separately for each nic.

Reviewed-by: iustinp

e36e96b4 11/24/2008 11:47 am Guido Trotter

LUCreateInstance unlock all nodes mid-way

When creating a new instance, after saving the instance data to the config file
and creating the disks, but before waiting for sync and installing the OS, we
release the node locks, to allow for more instance creations to proceed in...

18640d69 11/24/2008 11:47 am Guido Trotter

IAllocator: subtract down instances from free mem

Currently free_memory just reports the amount of free ram, as seen by the
hypervisor. We adjust this amount by subtracting the memory for any instance
which is down, and the difference for any instance which is configured to have...

8cc7e742 11/24/2008 11:46 am Guido Trotter

IAllocator: use the right hypervisor

Since the hypervisor is instance dependent we'll get one on instance creation,
and use the one in the instance config on relocation.

Reviewed-by: iustinp

b57e9819 11/24/2008 11:46 am Guido Trotter

IAllocator: fill i_list in a more proper way

- reuse the previously called cluster_info, rather than calling it again
- get all the instances from the config atomically, to prevent race conditions
- use a list comprehension, for simplicity

Reviewed-by: iustinp

90a7547a 11/24/2008 11:45 am Guido Trotter

Parallelize instance operations on the same node

With static minors we don't have a race condition anymore when
starting/stopping/rebooting/reinstalling more than one instance on the same
node, so we'll drop node locking altogether.

Reviewed-by: iustinp

dafc7302 11/24/2008 11:44 am Guido Trotter

Convert iallocator to the new _ComputeDiskSize

_ComputeDiskSize's API was changed for multidisk support in r2010, but
iallocator's call to it were not fixed. Converting them now.

Reviewed-by: iustinp

e4376078 11/23/2008 05:35 pm Iustin Pop

Documentation updates for

This makes not throw epydoc errors anymore.

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

a2d2e1a7 11/21/2008 05:35 pm Iustin Pop

Move FieldSet class to

Since we can use the FieldSet class in to nicely format disk
sizes and such, we move it to and also move its associated
unittest. I didn't remove the unittest file as that's not the
good direction :)...

3e0cea06 11/21/2008 05:35 pm Iustin Pop

Change disk index validation to FindDisk

This patch replaces the hand validation of the disk index with the
instance.FindDisk method (actually reverting to previous method, before
the multi-disk, but now with indexes).

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

ad24e046 11/21/2008 05:34 pm Iustin Pop

Change GrowDisk to work with multi-disk

This patch changes the instance.FindDisk method to take index arguments
(instead of iv_names), and changes GrowDisk and list instances

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

d418ebfb 11/21/2008 08:22 am Iustin Pop

Change replace secondary to work with multi-disk

Also fix an error in the CheckPrereq.

Reviewed-by: imsnah

54155f52 11/20/2008 08:22 am Iustin Pop

Convert replace-disks (same nodes) to multi-disk

This patch changes the drbd8 replace disk only (no secondary change) to
work in with multi-disk. This mode of replaces works correctly with
replacing only a subset of disks.

Reviewed-by: imsnah

08db7c5c 11/20/2008 08:22 am Iustin Pop

Initial multi-disk/multi-nic support

This patch adds support for mult-disk/multi-nic in:
- instance add
- burnin

The start/stop/failover/cluster verify work as expected. Replace disk
and grow disk are TODO.

There's also a change gnt-job to allow dictionaries to be listed in...

41a776da 11/20/2008 08:19 am Iustin Pop

Add more disk/nic listing options in gnt-instance

This adds some more listing cases (useful for scripting/rapi):
- disk.sizes for a list of all sizes
- nic.(ips|macs|bridges)

Reviewed-by: imsnah

71c1af58 11/18/2008 12:06 pm Iustin Pop

Allow querying of variable number of parameters

This patch adds support for querying in gnt-instance list of:
- disk.count
- nic.count
- disk.size/$N
- nic.(ip|mac|bridge)/$N

The patch also disables the exception raised when the header description...

31bf511f 11/18/2008 12:04 pm Iustin Pop

Convert to _FieldSet

This patch converts the current usage of _CheckOutputFields to the
FieldSet class, but it doesn't start to use its variable matching

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

6de7c41d 11/18/2008 12:00 pm Iustin Pop

Add a FieldSet class for variable parameter sets

This patch adds a _FieldSet class that can be used for the new variable
parameter sets: e.g. the sda_size will change to disk/0.size (or
similar) and we need to both check validity and extract the index of the...

cb4e8387 11/11/2008 12:58 pm Iustin Pop

Fix instance rename

As can be seen from the patch, we remove from the locking manager However, we do this right after cfg.RenameInstance, which
changes to the new name. So we need to remove old_name not
the new name.

The real question is why does the glm allow me to remove a not-existing...

bb2ee932 11/11/2008 05:12 am Iustin Pop

Fix gnt-instance reinstall

Commit 1881 changed a rpc call but didn't fix all its users. This should
fix it (but I can't test as HTTP is broken).

Reviewed-by: imsnah

cd4d138f 11/05/2008 06:37 pm Guido Trotter

Update LUGrowDisk _WaitForSync call

The _WaitForSync call changed in r1794 but the GrowDisk call wasn't updated
then. This makes GrowDisk work in trunk.

Reviewed-by: iustinp

74c47259 10/23/2008 05:19 pm Iustin Pop

Export the disk index in the import/export scripts

We want to export the disk index as some OSes will only want to export
the first disk (or the second one, etc.), even if we have multiple

The patch also updates the backend.ExportSnapshot docstring....

1a05d855 10/23/2008 01:41 am Oleksiy Mishchenko

RAPI: Export beparams as dict. The patch also enables LUQueryInstances to accept beparams as valid field.

Reviewed-by: iustinp

09acf207 10/22/2008 05:09 pm Guido Trotter

LUCreateInstance: import multiple disks

Previously we used to handle only one disk. Now we'll import all the
ones present in the export, in order, on the instance's disks. Any disk
which was present on the original instance but wasn't exported is just
skipped in the target instance....

6c0af70e 10/22/2008 05:09 pm Guido Trotter

Convert ImportOSIntoInstance to OS API 10

- Change ImportOSIntoInstance not to get any "os_disk" and "swap_disk"
arguments but to accept multiple target images to import, and to
return a list of booleans with the result of each import
- Change the relevant rpc call and the only caller to conform...

19d7f90a 10/22/2008 05:08 pm Guido Trotter

LUExportInstance: snapshot all disks

Rather than just snapshotting the "sda" disk, we'll snapshot all of the
instance disks. If we can't snapshot a disk for any reason we'll log an
error and proceed anyway: in this case the resulting export will miss a
disk. This also changes all the warning messages to self.LogWarning()....

86d9d3bb 10/21/2008 08:54 pm Iustin Pop

Move some LU logging to use proc.Log*

We change some messages which are obviously intended for the user to use
the proc.Log* functions instead of (only) the logging ones.

We also fix some wrong uses of feedback_fn.

Reviewed-by: imsnah

02691904 10/20/2008 07:38 pm Alexander Schreiber

Set default hypervisor at cluster init

During cluster init, set the default hypervisor to be used for instances.
Ensure that the default hypervisor belongs to the set enabled hypervisors
for this cluster. Also fix a small bug with setting the default enabled...

6fde8221 10/20/2008 04:44 pm Guido Trotter

Use constants.VALUE_AUTO for ip comparison too

Forward-port-of: r1889, Reviewed-by: imsnah

Reviewed-by: imsnah

bc89efc3 10/20/2008 04:44 pm Guido Trotter

LUCreateInstance: reuse mac address on import

When importing an instance with the same name as the exported one if the
mac address is "auto" we try to reuse the previous mac address. One can
still force generation of a new one with mac="generate".

Forward-port-of: r1887, Reviewed-by: iustinp...

c78995f0 10/20/2008 04:44 pm Guido Trotter

LUCreateInstance: accept mac = VALUE_GENERATE

VALUE_GENERATE is handled exactly the same as VALUE_AUTO and the mac
address is generated randomly.

Forward-port-of: r1886, Reviewed-by: iustinp

Reviewed-by: imsnah

9a4f63d1 10/20/2008 03:50 pm Iustin Pop

Convert to use the logging module

Note that many uses of logger.Error were used in 1.2 for their
side-effect of logging to stderr, where the user will see the messages,
and not for having the entry in the log. As such, we need to go over and
review every use of logging.* and decide if it should use feedback_fn...

61be6ba4 10/20/2008 03:16 pm Iustin Pop

Fix gnt-instance modify with beparams

The gnt-instance modify didn't work correctly w.r.t the be parameters.
There was also a typo in the corresponding LU.

Reviewed-by: imsnah

d15a9ad3 10/17/2008 05:37 pm Guido Trotter

Cleanup os_add/rename rpc for OS API 10

- remove now unused osdev and swapdev arguments from backend, noded,
rpc, cmdlib
- convert docstrings to epydoc

Reviewed-by: iustinp

779c15bb 10/16/2008 11:39 pm Iustin Pop

Enable gnt-cluster modify to hv/beparams

This patch enables the cluster modify to change:
- enabled hypervisor list
- hvparams (per hypervisor)
- beparams (only the default group)

gnt-cluster modify -B vcpus=3 -H xen-pvm:no_initrd_path

Validation for parameters is somewhat missing - the individual...

469f88e1 10/16/2008 07:26 pm Iustin Pop

Show the cluster parametrs in gnt-cluster info

This is just a raw update without any special formatting.

Reviewed-by: imsnah

3ccafd0e 10/16/2008 11:37 am Iustin Pop

Add an interface for the drain flag changes/query

This adds the set/reset in the jqueue and luxi modules, and a way to
query it in OpQueryConfigValues, and also the comand line interface for
$ gnt-cluster queue info
The drain flag is unset
$ gnt-cluster queue drain...

6605411d 10/14/2008 07:23 pm Iustin Pop

grow-disk: wait until resync is completed

The patch adds a new ‘--no-wait-for-sync’ parameter to grow-disk similar
to the one in instance add, and changes the default to wait.

This is cleaner as at the moment when the command returns, we either
have a fully synced disk or there is an error....

c0f2b229 10/14/2008 05:42 pm Iustin Pop

Some fixes related to auto_balance

Change the constant name to match the value (autobalance ->

Also add the auto_balance header so that gnt-instance can list it.

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

647a5d80 10/14/2008 05:42 pm Iustin Pop

Fix auto_balance and memory modification

The secondary nodes should not be checked for free memory in case of non
auto-balanced instances.

This is a forward-port from rev 1567 on the 1.2 branch.

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

3924700f 10/14/2008 05:42 pm Iustin Pop

Use the auto_balance in cluster verify

This patch changes the cluster verify in two ways:
- do not use instances marked with auto_balance=False in N+1 memory
- report, if any, the number of instances with auto_balance=False

Forward port from rev 1562 on the 1.2 branch....

c1f1cbb2 10/14/2008 05:42 pm Iustin Pop

Fix ordering of instance/nodes

After the locking changes, and the partial locking of nodes, the
instance/node list is not ordered anymore. Reorder so that it behaves as

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

338e51e8 10/14/2008 02:29 pm Iustin Pop

Change over to beparams

This big patch changes the master code to use the beparams. Errors might
have crept in, but it passes a small burnin.

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

8705eb96 10/14/2008 01:21 pm Iustin Pop

Fix a bug with instance creation and hvparameters

When creating an instance, we need to check not the opcode hvparams, but
the final, filled hvparams against validity. While we do this for the
remote node calls (i.e. ValidateParams), we didn't do this for...

57821cac 10/14/2008 01:21 pm Iustin Pop

Allow instance info to only query the config file

This patch adds a new '-s' parameter to ‘gnt-instance info’ that makes
it return only 'static' information. This is much faster, especially for
drbd instances.

This is a forward-port of rev 1570 on the ganeti-1.2 branch, resending...

24838135 10/14/2008 01:21 pm Iustin Pop

Convert gnt-instance info to the hvparams model

Some informations are not printed nicely (e.g. “virtual CDROM: False”),
but this is the first step.

Reviewed-by: imsnah

74409b12 10/14/2008 01:20 pm Iustin Pop

Change gnt-instance modify to the hvparams model

Reviewed-by: imsnah

5018a335 10/14/2008 01:20 pm Iustin Pop

Change gnt-instance list to the hvparams model

This is just a change of the various hvm_ and pvm parameters to the hv
model. Parameters are queried via hv/$name or via the whole dict as
returned by hvparams.

Reviewed-by: ultrotter,imsnah

6785674e 10/14/2008 01:20 pm Iustin Pop

Switch instance hypervisor parameters to hvparams

This big patch changes instance create to the new hvparams structure.
Old parameters are removed, so old jobs or old instances file will break
current clusters.

Reviewed-by: ultrotter

caad16e2 10/12/2008 11:40 pm Iustin Pop

Abstract checking own address into a function

Currently, we check if we have a given ip address (i.e. it's alive on
one of our interfaces) but manually calling TcpPing(source=localhost).
This works, but having it spread all over the code makes it hard to...

2eb78bc8 10/10/2008 07:04 pm Guido Trotter

LUVerifyCluster: fix error from rpc call

When calling node_verify leads to an error _VerifyNodes tries to iterate
over a non-sequence. Catch the error before and avoid this from

Reviewed-by: iustinp

72737a7f 10/10/2008 12:55 pm Iustin Pop

Convert rpc module to RpcRunner

This big patch changes the call model used in internode-rpc from
standalong function calls in the rpc module to via a RpcRunner class,
that holds all the methods. This can be used in the future to enable
smarter processing in the RPC layer itself (some quick examples are not...

b9bddb6b 10/10/2008 12:52 pm Iustin Pop

Cleanup in cmdlib for standalone function calls

This patch is a cleanup of the standalone functions in cmdlib. Many of
them too as argument a ConfigWriter instance, but some also took other
parameters from the lu (e.g. proc), and in the future, if we want to...

7b3a8fb5 10/10/2008 12:51 pm Iustin Pop

Small random fixes

Indentation in bootstrap was wrong and some names in were not

Reviewed-by: imsnah

4b2f38dd 10/09/2008 02:29 pm Iustin Pop

Move instance hypervisor check to ExpandNames

This check can be done earlier, in ExpandNames, and is needed here for
the hypervisor parameter check.

Reviewed-by: ultrotter