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6c948699 08/25/2009 07:00 pm Michael Hanselmann

Style fixes for ganeti-*

Signed-off-by: Michael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: Iustin Pop <>

f91c7223 08/20/2009 05:08 pm Guido Trotter

Convert ganeti-confd to Mainloop

Now that mainloop is asyncore-enabled we can easily do that.

Signed-off-by: Guido Trotter <>
Reviewed-by: Iustin Pop <>

4d5db19c 08/12/2009 12:54 pm Guido Trotter

Remove unused imports from confd files

confd.server and daemons/ganeti-confd import a few modules they don't
actually use. Clean them up.

Signed-off-by: Guido Trotter <>
Reviewed-by: Iustin Pop <>

b84cb9a0 08/10/2009 04:46 pm Guido Trotter

Initial confd implementation

ganeti-confd is a simple asynchronous daemon, which listens on a UDP
port, passes each packet to a processor, and sends back to the client
the result.

It also listens on an inotify socket, in order to reload its
configuration when the ganeti config file changes....