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Revision 8a28f591


Added by Michael Hanselmann over 14 years ago

Merge branch 'devel-2.1'

  • devel-2.1: (31 commits)
    Add unittest for utils._FingerprintFile
    Release all node locks during disk replace
    Unify a few re.compile calls in DRBD
    Auto-enable early release for offline old nodes
    Skip line-length warnings in man
    Revert "Workaround man page output for long PREFIX dirs"
    Run instance hooks on more nodes
    Add {NEW,OLD}_{PRIMARY,SECONDARY} vars to hooks
    Workaround man page output for long PREFIX dirs
    Pass debug mode to noded for OS-related calls
    Convert scripts to pass options to the JobExecutor
    Add the options attribute to cli.JobExecutor
    Add debug mode to burnin
    Update scripts to pass 'opts' to SubmitOpCode
    Implement generic CLI options->opcode updates
    Change the debug CLI option to integer/count
    Add a generic 'debug_level' attribute to opcodes
    Fix bug introduced in commit 413b747
    Fix dumpers/loaders after slots cleanup
    Fix locking bug causing high CPU usage

Reviewed-by: Guido Trotter <>


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