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Revision 8a534fbe


Added by Stratos Psomdakis almost 11 years ago

Add hvparam to disable VNET_HDR on tap devices

IFF_VNET_HDR allows tap devices to extract a VIRTIO_NET_HDR from pkts
going through the tap iface, enabling segmentation offload for the
virtio nics.

Current (Debian) kernels (3.2 for Debian Squeeze backrports / Wheezy)
don't seem able to handle well VMs with 'broken' virtio ifaces (e.g.
FreeBSD virtio-net driver), using GSO. Broken or malicious virtio-net
drivers can cause the host kernel to flood the logs with WARNs(),
effectively live-locking the system and affecting its overall stabitlity
(eg DRBD disconnects).

The WARN flooding has been fixed / ratelimited in Linus' tree, but it
hasn't been backported to -stable.

This patch adds the vnet_hdr hvparam for KVM, to select whether the tap
devices used for KVM virtio ifaces will get created with VNET_HDR
support (IFF_VNET_HDR), even when the underlying kernel supports it, in
order to avoid this issue.

Signed-off-by: Stratos Psomadakis <>
Reviewed-by: Guido Trotter <>


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