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1 2f31098c Iustin Pop
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# Copyright (C) 2006, 2007 Google Inc.
5 a8083063 Iustin Pop
6 a8083063 Iustin Pop
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
7 a8083063 Iustin Pop
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
8 a8083063 Iustin Pop
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
9 a8083063 Iustin Pop
# (at your option) any later version.
10 a8083063 Iustin Pop
11 a8083063 Iustin Pop
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
12 a8083063 Iustin Pop
# WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13 a8083063 Iustin Pop
14 a8083063 Iustin Pop
# General Public License for more details.
15 a8083063 Iustin Pop
16 a8083063 Iustin Pop
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
17 a8083063 Iustin Pop
# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
18 a8083063 Iustin Pop
# Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA
19 a8083063 Iustin Pop
# 02110-1301, USA.
20 a8083063 Iustin Pop
21 a8083063 Iustin Pop
22 a8083063 Iustin Pop
"""Module implementing the logic behind the cluster operations
23 a8083063 Iustin Pop

24 a8083063 Iustin Pop
This module implements the logic for doing operations in the cluster. There
25 a8083063 Iustin Pop
are two kinds of classes defined:
26 a8083063 Iustin Pop
  - logical units, which know how to deal with their specific opcode only
27 a8083063 Iustin Pop
  - the processor, which dispatches the opcodes to their logical units
28 a8083063 Iustin Pop

29 a8083063 Iustin Pop
30 a8083063 Iustin Pop
31 a8083063 Iustin Pop
32 a8083063 Iustin Pop
from ganeti import opcodes
33 a8083063 Iustin Pop
from ganeti import constants
34 a8083063 Iustin Pop
from ganeti import errors
35 a8083063 Iustin Pop
from ganeti import rpc
36 a8083063 Iustin Pop
from ganeti import cmdlib
37 0fbbf897 Iustin Pop
from ganeti import logger
38 04864530 Guido Trotter
from ganeti import locking
39 a8083063 Iustin Pop
40 7c0d6283 Michael Hanselmann
41 a8083063 Iustin Pop
class Processor(object):
42 a8083063 Iustin Pop
  """Object which runs OpCodes"""
43 a8083063 Iustin Pop
44 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    # Cluster
45 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpDestroyCluster: cmdlib.LUDestroyCluster,
46 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpQueryClusterInfo: cmdlib.LUQueryClusterInfo,
47 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpVerifyCluster: cmdlib.LUVerifyCluster,
48 ae5849b5 Michael Hanselmann
    opcodes.OpQueryConfigValues: cmdlib.LUQueryConfigValues,
49 07bd8a51 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpRenameCluster: cmdlib.LURenameCluster,
50 f4d4e184 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpVerifyDisks: cmdlib.LUVerifyDisks,
51 0cc05d44 Manuel Franceschini
    opcodes.OpSetClusterParams: cmdlib.LUSetClusterParams,
52 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    # node lu
53 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpAddNode: cmdlib.LUAddNode,
54 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpQueryNodes: cmdlib.LUQueryNodes,
55 dcb93971 Michael Hanselmann
    opcodes.OpQueryNodeVolumes: cmdlib.LUQueryNodeVolumes,
56 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpRemoveNode: cmdlib.LURemoveNode,
57 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    # instance lu
58 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpCreateInstance: cmdlib.LUCreateInstance,
59 fe7b0351 Michael Hanselmann
    opcodes.OpReinstallInstance: cmdlib.LUReinstallInstance,
60 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpRemoveInstance: cmdlib.LURemoveInstance,
61 decd5f45 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpRenameInstance: cmdlib.LURenameInstance,
62 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpActivateInstanceDisks: cmdlib.LUActivateInstanceDisks,
63 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpShutdownInstance: cmdlib.LUShutdownInstance,
64 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpStartupInstance: cmdlib.LUStartupInstance,
65 bf6929a2 Alexander Schreiber
    opcodes.OpRebootInstance: cmdlib.LURebootInstance,
66 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpDeactivateInstanceDisks: cmdlib.LUDeactivateInstanceDisks,
67 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpReplaceDisks: cmdlib.LUReplaceDisks,
68 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpFailoverInstance: cmdlib.LUFailoverInstance,
69 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpConnectConsole: cmdlib.LUConnectConsole,
70 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpQueryInstances: cmdlib.LUQueryInstances,
71 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpQueryInstanceData: cmdlib.LUQueryInstanceData,
72 7767bbf5 Manuel Franceschini
    opcodes.OpSetInstanceParams: cmdlib.LUSetInstanceParams,
73 8729e0d7 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpGrowDisk: cmdlib.LUGrowDisk,
74 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    # os lu
75 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpDiagnoseOS: cmdlib.LUDiagnoseOS,
76 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    # exports lu
77 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpQueryExports: cmdlib.LUQueryExports,
78 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpExportInstance: cmdlib.LUExportInstance,
79 9ac99fda Guido Trotter
    opcodes.OpRemoveExport: cmdlib.LURemoveExport,
80 5c947f38 Iustin Pop
    # tags lu
81 5c947f38 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpGetTags: cmdlib.LUGetTags,
82 73415719 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpSearchTags: cmdlib.LUSearchTags,
83 f27302fa Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpAddTags: cmdlib.LUAddTags,
84 f27302fa Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpDelTags: cmdlib.LUDelTags,
85 06009e27 Iustin Pop
    # test lu
86 06009e27 Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpTestDelay: cmdlib.LUTestDelay,
87 d61df03e Iustin Pop
    opcodes.OpTestAllocator: cmdlib.LUTestAllocator,
88 a8083063 Iustin Pop
89 a8083063 Iustin Pop
90 f1048938 Iustin Pop
  def __init__(self, context):
91 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    """Constructor for Processor
92 a8083063 Iustin Pop

93 1a8c0ce1 Iustin Pop
94 1a8c0ce1 Iustin Pop
     - feedback_fn: the feedback function (taking one string) to be run when
95 1a8c0ce1 Iustin Pop
                    interesting events are happening
96 a8083063 Iustin Pop
97 1c901d13 Guido Trotter
    self.context = context
98 f1048938 Iustin Pop
    self._feedback_fn = None
99 04864530 Guido Trotter
    self.exclusive_BGL = False
100 72737a7f Iustin Pop
    self.rpc = rpc.RpcRunner(context.cfg)
101 a8083063 Iustin Pop
102 36c381d7 Guido Trotter
  def _ExecLU(self, lu):
103 36c381d7 Guido Trotter
    """Logical Unit execution sequence.
104 36c381d7 Guido Trotter

105 36c381d7 Guido Trotter
106 36c381d7 Guido Trotter
    write_count = self.context.cfg.write_count
107 36c381d7 Guido Trotter
108 72737a7f Iustin Pop
    hm = HooksMaster(self.rpc.call_hooks_runner, self, lu)
109 36c381d7 Guido Trotter
    h_results = hm.RunPhase(constants.HOOKS_PHASE_PRE)
110 36c381d7 Guido Trotter
    lu.HooksCallBack(constants.HOOKS_PHASE_PRE, h_results,
111 36c381d7 Guido Trotter
                     self._feedback_fn, None)
112 36c381d7 Guido Trotter
113 36c381d7 Guido Trotter
      result = lu.Exec(self._feedback_fn)
114 36c381d7 Guido Trotter
      h_results = hm.RunPhase(constants.HOOKS_PHASE_POST)
115 36c381d7 Guido Trotter
      result = lu.HooksCallBack(constants.HOOKS_PHASE_POST, h_results,
116 36c381d7 Guido Trotter
                                self._feedback_fn, result)
117 36c381d7 Guido Trotter
118 36c381d7 Guido Trotter
      # FIXME: This needs locks if not lu_class.REQ_BGL
119 36c381d7 Guido Trotter
      if write_count != self.context.cfg.write_count:
120 36c381d7 Guido Trotter
121 36c381d7 Guido Trotter
122 36c381d7 Guido Trotter
    return result
123 36c381d7 Guido Trotter
124 68adfdb2 Guido Trotter
  def _LockAndExecLU(self, lu, level):
125 68adfdb2 Guido Trotter
    """Execute a Logical Unit, with the needed locks.
126 68adfdb2 Guido Trotter

127 68adfdb2 Guido Trotter
    This is a recursive function that starts locking the given level, and
128 68adfdb2 Guido Trotter
    proceeds up, till there are no more locks to acquire. Then it executes the
129 68adfdb2 Guido Trotter
    given LU and its opcodes.
130 68adfdb2 Guido Trotter

131 68adfdb2 Guido Trotter
132 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
    adding_locks = level in lu.add_locks
133 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
    acquiring_locks = level in lu.needed_locks
134 8a2941c4 Guido Trotter
    if level not in locking.LEVELS:
135 e92376d7 Iustin Pop
      if callable(self._run_notifier):
136 e92376d7 Iustin Pop
137 8a2941c4 Guido Trotter
      result = self._ExecLU(lu)
138 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
    elif adding_locks and acquiring_locks:
139 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
      # We could both acquire and add locks at the same level, but for now we
140 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
      # don't need this, so we'll avoid the complicated code needed.
141 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
      raise NotImplementedError(
142 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
        "Can't declare locks to acquire when adding others")
143 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
    elif adding_locks or acquiring_locks:
144 fb8dcb62 Guido Trotter
145 3977a4c1 Guido Trotter
      share = lu.share_locks[level]
146 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
      if acquiring_locks:
147 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
        needed_locks = lu.needed_locks[level]
148 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
        lu.acquired_locks[level] = self.context.glm.acquire(level,
149 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
150 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
151 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
      else: # adding_locks
152 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
        add_locks = lu.add_locks[level]
153 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
        lu.remove_locks[level] = add_locks
154 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
155 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
          self.context.glm.add(level, add_locks, acquired=1, shared=share)
156 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
        except errors.LockError:
157 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
          raise errors.OpPrereqError(
158 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
            "Coudn't add locks (%s), probably because of a race condition"
159 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
            " with another job, who added them first" % add_locks)
160 68adfdb2 Guido Trotter
161 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
162 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
          if adding_locks:
163 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
            lu.acquired_locks[level] = add_locks
164 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
          result = self._LockAndExecLU(lu, level + 1)
165 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
166 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
          if level in lu.remove_locks:
167 ca2a79e1 Guido Trotter
            self.context.glm.remove(level, lu.remove_locks[level])
168 68adfdb2 Guido Trotter
169 80ee04a4 Guido Trotter
        if self.context.glm.is_owned(level):
170 68adfdb2 Guido Trotter
171 68adfdb2 Guido Trotter
172 8a2941c4 Guido Trotter
      result = self._LockAndExecLU(lu, level + 1)
173 68adfdb2 Guido Trotter
174 68adfdb2 Guido Trotter
    return result
175 68adfdb2 Guido Trotter
176 e92376d7 Iustin Pop
  def ExecOpCode(self, op, feedback_fn, run_notifier):
177 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    """Execute an opcode.
178 a8083063 Iustin Pop

179 e92376d7 Iustin Pop
    @type op: an OpCode instance
180 e92376d7 Iustin Pop
    @param op: the opcode to be executed
181 e92376d7 Iustin Pop
    @type feedback_fn: a function that takes a single argument
182 e92376d7 Iustin Pop
    @param feedback_fn: this function will be used as feedback from the LU
183 e92376d7 Iustin Pop
                        code to the end-user
184 e92376d7 Iustin Pop
    @type run_notifier: callable (no arguments) or None
185 e92376d7 Iustin Pop
    @param run_notifier:  this function (if callable) will be called when
186 e92376d7 Iustin Pop
                          we are about to call the lu's Exec() method, that
187 e92376d7 Iustin Pop
                          is, after we have aquired all locks
188 a8083063 Iustin Pop

189 a8083063 Iustin Pop
190 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    if not isinstance(op, opcodes.OpCode):
191 3ecf6786 Iustin Pop
      raise errors.ProgrammerError("Non-opcode instance passed"
192 3ecf6786 Iustin Pop
                                   " to ExecOpcode")
193 a8083063 Iustin Pop
194 f1048938 Iustin Pop
    self._feedback_fn = feedback_fn
195 e92376d7 Iustin Pop
    self._run_notifier = run_notifier
196 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    lu_class = self.DISPATCH_TABLE.get(op.__class__, None)
197 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    if lu_class is None:
198 3ecf6786 Iustin Pop
      raise errors.OpCodeUnknown("Unknown opcode")
199 a8083063 Iustin Pop
200 04864530 Guido Trotter
    # Acquire the Big Ganeti Lock exclusively if this LU requires it, and in a
201 04864530 Guido Trotter
    # shared fashion otherwise (to prevent concurrent run with an exclusive LU.
202 984f7c32 Guido Trotter
    self.context.glm.acquire(locking.LEVEL_CLUSTER, [locking.BGL],
203 04864530 Guido Trotter
                             shared=not lu_class.REQ_BGL)
204 fe482621 Iustin Pop
205 04864530 Guido Trotter
      self.exclusive_BGL = lu_class.REQ_BGL
206 72737a7f Iustin Pop
      lu = lu_class(self, op, self.context, self.rpc)
207 d465bdc8 Guido Trotter
208 68adfdb2 Guido Trotter
      assert lu.needed_locks is not None, "needed_locks not set by LU"
209 04e1bfaf Guido Trotter
      result = self._LockAndExecLU(lu, locking.LEVEL_INSTANCE)
210 04864530 Guido Trotter
211 984f7c32 Guido Trotter
212 04864530 Guido Trotter
      self.exclusive_BGL = False
213 6a4aa7c1 Iustin Pop
214 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    return result
215 a8083063 Iustin Pop
216 0fbbf897 Iustin Pop
  def LogStep(self, current, total, message):
217 0fbbf897 Iustin Pop
    """Log a change in LU execution progress.
218 0fbbf897 Iustin Pop

219 0fbbf897 Iustin Pop
220 0fbbf897 Iustin Pop
    logger.Debug("Step %d/%d %s" % (current, total, message))
221 0fbbf897 Iustin Pop
    self._feedback_fn("STEP %d/%d %s" % (current, total, message))
222 0fbbf897 Iustin Pop
223 5bfac263 Iustin Pop
  def LogWarning(self, message, hint=None):
224 0fbbf897 Iustin Pop
    """Log a warning to the logs and the user.
225 0fbbf897 Iustin Pop

226 0fbbf897 Iustin Pop
227 0fbbf897 Iustin Pop
228 0fbbf897 Iustin Pop
    self._feedback_fn(" - WARNING: %s" % message)
229 5bfac263 Iustin Pop
    if hint:
230 5bfac263 Iustin Pop
      self._feedback_fn("      Hint: %s" % hint)
231 0fbbf897 Iustin Pop
232 0fbbf897 Iustin Pop
  def LogInfo(self, message):
233 0fbbf897 Iustin Pop
    """Log an informational message to the logs and the user.
234 0fbbf897 Iustin Pop

235 0fbbf897 Iustin Pop
236 0fbbf897 Iustin Pop
237 0fbbf897 Iustin Pop
    self._feedback_fn(" - INFO: %s" % message)
238 0fbbf897 Iustin Pop
239 a8083063 Iustin Pop
240 a8083063 Iustin Pop
class HooksMaster(object):
241 a8083063 Iustin Pop
  """Hooks master.
242 a8083063 Iustin Pop

243 a8083063 Iustin Pop
  This class distributes the run commands to the nodes based on the
244 a8083063 Iustin Pop
  specific LU class.
245 a8083063 Iustin Pop

246 a8083063 Iustin Pop
  In order to remove the direct dependency on the rpc module, the
247 a8083063 Iustin Pop
  constructor needs a function which actually does the remote
248 a8083063 Iustin Pop
  call. This will usually be rpc.call_hooks_runner, but any function
249 a8083063 Iustin Pop
  which behaves the same works.
250 a8083063 Iustin Pop

251 a8083063 Iustin Pop
252 2395c322 Iustin Pop
  def __init__(self, callfn, proc, lu):
253 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    self.callfn = callfn
254 2395c322 Iustin Pop
    self.proc = proc
255 a8083063 Iustin Pop = lu
256 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    self.op = lu.op
257 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    self.env, node_list_pre, node_list_post = self._BuildEnv()
258 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    self.node_list = {constants.HOOKS_PHASE_PRE: node_list_pre,
259 a8083063 Iustin Pop
                      constants.HOOKS_PHASE_POST: node_list_post}
260 a8083063 Iustin Pop
261 a8083063 Iustin Pop
  def _BuildEnv(self):
262 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    """Compute the environment and the target nodes.
263 a8083063 Iustin Pop

264 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    Based on the opcode and the current node list, this builds the
265 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    environment for the hooks and the target node list for the run.
266 a8083063 Iustin Pop

267 a8083063 Iustin Pop
268 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    env = {
269 a8083063 Iustin Pop
      "PATH": "/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin",
270 a8083063 Iustin Pop
271 a8083063 Iustin Pop
      "GANETI_OP_CODE": self.op.OP_ID,
272 a8083063 Iustin Pop
273 6a4aa7c1 Iustin Pop
      "GANETI_DATA_DIR": constants.DATA_DIR,
274 a8083063 Iustin Pop
275 a8083063 Iustin Pop
276 9a395a76 Iustin Pop
    if is not None:
277 9a395a76 Iustin Pop
      lu_env, lu_nodes_pre, lu_nodes_post =
278 9a395a76 Iustin Pop
      if lu_env:
279 9a395a76 Iustin Pop
        for key in lu_env:
280 9a395a76 Iustin Pop
          env["GANETI_" + key] = lu_env[key]
281 9a395a76 Iustin Pop
282 9a395a76 Iustin Pop
      lu_nodes_pre = lu_nodes_post = []
283 a8083063 Iustin Pop
284 4167825b Iustin Pop
    return env, frozenset(lu_nodes_pre), frozenset(lu_nodes_post)
285 4167825b Iustin Pop
286 4167825b Iustin Pop
  def _RunWrapper(self, node_list, hpath, phase):
287 4167825b Iustin Pop
    """Simple wrapper over self.callfn.
288 4167825b Iustin Pop

289 4167825b Iustin Pop
    This method fixes the environment before doing the rpc call.
290 4167825b Iustin Pop

291 4167825b Iustin Pop
292 4167825b Iustin Pop
    env = self.env.copy()
293 4167825b Iustin Pop
    env["GANETI_HOOKS_PHASE"] = phase
294 4167825b Iustin Pop
    env["GANETI_HOOKS_PATH"] = hpath
295 437138c9 Michael Hanselmann
    if is not None:
296 437138c9 Michael Hanselmann
      env["GANETI_CLUSTER"] =
297 437138c9 Michael Hanselmann
      env["GANETI_MASTER"] =
298 a8083063 Iustin Pop
299 4167825b Iustin Pop
    env = dict([(str(key), str(val)) for key, val in env.iteritems()])
300 a8083063 Iustin Pop
301 4167825b Iustin Pop
    return self.callfn(node_list, hpath, phase, env)
302 a8083063 Iustin Pop
303 a8083063 Iustin Pop
  def RunPhase(self, phase):
304 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    """Run all the scripts for a phase.
305 a8083063 Iustin Pop

306 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    This is the main function of the HookMaster.
307 a8083063 Iustin Pop

308 b07a6922 Guido Trotter
309 b07a6922 Guido Trotter
      phase: the hooks phase to run
310 b07a6922 Guido Trotter

311 b07a6922 Guido Trotter
312 b07a6922 Guido Trotter
      the result of the hooks multi-node rpc call
313 b07a6922 Guido Trotter

314 a8083063 Iustin Pop
315 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    if not self.node_list[phase]:
316 9a395a76 Iustin Pop
      # empty node list, we should not attempt to run this as either
317 9a395a76 Iustin Pop
      # we're in the cluster init phase and the rpc client part can't
318 9a395a76 Iustin Pop
      # even attempt to run, or this LU doesn't do hooks at all
319 a8083063 Iustin Pop
320 4167825b Iustin Pop
    hpath =
321 4167825b Iustin Pop
    results = self._RunWrapper(self.node_list[phase], hpath, phase)
322 a8083063 Iustin Pop
    if phase == constants.HOOKS_PHASE_PRE:
323 a8083063 Iustin Pop
      errs = []
324 a8083063 Iustin Pop
      if not results:
325 3ecf6786 Iustin Pop
        raise errors.HooksFailure("Communication failure")
326 a8083063 Iustin Pop
      for node_name in results:
327 a8083063 Iustin Pop
        res = results[node_name]
328 a8083063 Iustin Pop
        if res is False or not isinstance(res, list):
329 2395c322 Iustin Pop
          self.proc.LogWarning("Communication failure to node %s" % node_name)
330 2395c322 Iustin Pop
331 a8083063 Iustin Pop
        for script, hkr, output in res:
332 a8083063 Iustin Pop
          if hkr == constants.HKR_FAIL:
333 a8083063 Iustin Pop
            output = output.strip().encode("string_escape")
334 a8083063 Iustin Pop
            errs.append((node_name, script, output))
335 a8083063 Iustin Pop
      if errs:
336 3ecf6786 Iustin Pop
        raise errors.HooksAbort(errs)
337 b07a6922 Guido Trotter
    return results
338 6a4aa7c1 Iustin Pop
339 6a4aa7c1 Iustin Pop
  def RunConfigUpdate(self):
340 6a4aa7c1 Iustin Pop
    """Run the special configuration update hook
341 6a4aa7c1 Iustin Pop

342 6a4aa7c1 Iustin Pop
    This is a special hook that runs only on the master after each
343 6a4aa7c1 Iustin Pop
    top-level LI if the configuration has been updated.
344 6a4aa7c1 Iustin Pop

345 6a4aa7c1 Iustin Pop
346 6a4aa7c1 Iustin Pop
    phase = constants.HOOKS_PHASE_POST
347 6a4aa7c1 Iustin Pop
    hpath = constants.HOOKS_NAME_CFGUPDATE
348 437138c9 Michael Hanselmann
    nodes = []
349 6a4aa7c1 Iustin Pop
    results = self._RunWrapper(nodes, hpath, phase)