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Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
9110fb4a 01/09/2014 09:37 am Santi Raffa

Add code style document to documentation

The Ganeti code style has been stored on the project wiki at:

This commit combines the two pages into an .rst file with minimal...

ed748771 01/08/2014 05:07 pm Helga Velroyen

Correct exception when ssconf file does not exist

After an upgrade to 2.11, the ssconf file for the master
certificates might not exist. Based on the non-existance,
noded falls back to a compatibility mode regarding dealing
with SSL certificates. The check for the ssconf file...

d4b81bdd 01/08/2014 04:14 pm Klaus Aehlig

Also downgrade gluster parameters

Support for gluster was added only in version 2.11. So,
when downgrading to the 2.10 branch, these parameters
need to be removed.

Signed-off-by: Klaus Aehlig <>
Reviewed-by: Helga Velroyen <>

fc6ccde4 01/08/2014 03:01 pm Helga Velroyen

Create client certificate for normal nodes

The vcluster QA revealed a bug in the SSL certificate
handling code, where certificates were only created
when the node is a master-candidate. However, every node
should have a certificate, but only the digests of the...

a8551d9c 01/08/2014 12:26 pm Klaus Aehlig

Also consider filter fields for deciding if using live data

If the query fields don't require live data, we use the shortcut
and don't request live data. However, we cannot take this shortcut
if the fields the filter depends on requires live data.

Signed-off-by: Klaus Aehlig <>...

d3737aca 01/07/2014 02:48 pm Petr Pudlak

Catch exceptions when calling curses.setupterm() in QA

If it's running on a non-standard terminal, such as
rxvt-unicode-256color, the call fails with an exception. Instead, catch
the exception and proceed without coloring warnings/errors.

Signed-off-by: Petr Pudlak <>...

54a2661e 01/07/2014 12:03 pm Klaus Aehlig

Increase job queue polling interval

Now that all jobs are monitored with inotify, increase the polling interval.

Signed-off-by: Klaus Aehlig <>
Reviewed-by: Helga Velroyen <>

ea174b21 01/07/2014 12:03 pm Klaus Aehlig

After detecting a finished job, schedule again

In order to obtain a higher throughput of jobs, schedule new jobs
as soon as a job was detected to have finished.

Signed-off-by: Klaus Aehlig <>
Reviewed-by: Helga Velroyen <>

b81650b0 01/07/2014 12:03 pm Klaus Aehlig

Attach a watcher for jobs

Add a function that can serve as an event handler for inotify
updating a job in the job queue if the corresponding job file
changes. Also attach it to all jobs selected to be run.

Signed-off-by: Klaus Aehlig <>...

a2977f53 01/07/2014 12:03 pm Klaus Aehlig

JQScheduler: always pass JobWithStat

When attaching inotifies to jobs, we need to preserve
it through potential requeuing actions. Also, this information
is needed for cleaning up.

Signed-off-by: Klaus Aehlig <>
Reviewed-by: Helga Velroyen <>

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