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Container.hs 3.2 kB
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Latest revisions

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87f15934 01/30/2014 04:10 pm Petr Pudlak

Generalize type signatures of functions that produce Result

This allows them to be used in any 'MonadError', in particular in monad stacks
composed using ResultT, without explicit lifting.

Signed-off-by: Petr Pudlak <>
Reviewed-by: Klaus Aehlig <>

d067f40b 10/02/2013 03:50 pm Jose A. Lopes

Merge 'EvacNode' and 'NodeEvacMode'

Merge 'EvacMode' and 'NodeEvacMode' which are associated with the
duplicated constants 'IALLOCATOR_NEVAC_*' and 'NODE_EVAC_*'. This
merge moves the type 'EvacMode' to 'Ganeti.Types' in order to avoid a
circular dependency between 'Ganeti.HsConstants' and...

5c40076b 09/30/2013 07:12 pm Klaus Aehlig

Disable hlint camelcase on test module

Signed-off-by: Klaus Aehlig <>
Reviewed-by: Jose Lopes <>

33ce4d2d 09/30/2013 03:20 pm Spyros Trigazis

Add test for mond-data mock file

Test if the input file imported with the --mond-data option is
parsed properly.

Signed-off-by: Spyros Trigazis <>
Signed-off-by: Michele Tartara <>
Reviewed-by: Michele Tartara <>

f361a6ee 09/12/2013 01:51 pm Jose A. Lopes

Haskell to Python constants: more constants

  • move several groups of constants, from Python to Haskell, which are
    currently being used in Haskell, including SSH and daemon related
    constants, policy allocation, blockdev driver manual (this is a
    single constant), auto repair related constants, and data collector...
c832f7e9 07/16/2013 10:29 am Klaus Aehlig

Merge branch 'stable-2.8' into master

  • stable-2.8
    Change method dispatch in ClientOps to enforce luxi.REQ_ALL
    Allow modify_etc_hosts to be changed
    Add --modify-etc-hosts option for CLI tools
    Add luxiReqQueryNetworks to LuxiOp
    Log received message at debug level...
f9649b3d 07/10/2013 12:41 pm Klaus Aehlig

Only generate node lists with nodes having different names

genNodeList is used in testing to generate list of nodes
that could come up in cluster configurations. Since names
are used to assign indices to nodes, they have to be unique;
this is also the case in all real clusters....

76825515 07/05/2013 03:12 pm Klaus Aehlig

Merge branch 'stable-2.8' into master

  • stable-2.8:
    Also remove prop_IterateAlloc_sane from test list
    Fix documentation for prop_Alloc_sane
    Remove IterateAllocSane test
    Clean up work around for host name filtering
    Do not handle host queries special...
51b12695 07/04/2013 08:01 pm Klaus Aehlig

Also remove prop_IterateAlloc_sane from test list

In f4d1bb7 that test was removed, but forgotten to remove it
from the list of tests to be executed. Fix that.

Signed-off-by: Klaus Aehlig <>
Reviewed-by: Michele Tartara <>

09d8b0fc 07/04/2013 06:46 pm Klaus Aehlig

Fix documentation for prop_Alloc_sane

As discussed in the last commit, placing a new instance on the cluster
can lead to a cluster that can be improved by moving previously added
instances. For an empty cluster, however, there are no previous
instances. So add this to the test description to make obvious why...

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