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a182a3ed 12/21/2011 04:55 pm Michael Hanselmann

serializer: Remove JSON indentation and dict key sorting

Serializing to JSON using “simplejson” is significantly slower when
indentation and/or sorting of dictionary keys is used. In simplejson 1.x
the difference isn't that big, but with simplejson 2.x the difference...

c4e5d11e 11/17/2011 03:49 pm Iustin Pop

Adapt daemon-util to ENABLE_CONFD

We still allow explicit shutdown of confd, but we prevent manual
or automatic start-up.

Signed-off-by: Iustin Pop <>
Reviewed-by: Michael Hanselmann <>

b459a848 08/30/2011 11:24 am Andrea Spadaccini

DeprecationWarning fixes for pylint

In version 0.21, pylint unified all the disable-* (and enable-*)
directives to disable (resp. enable). This leads to a lot of
DeprecationWarning being emitted even if one uses the recommended
version of pylint (0.21.1, as stated in devnotes.rst)....

e687ec01 08/25/2011 01:53 pm Michael Hanselmann

PEP8 style fixes

Identified using the “pep8” utility.

Signed-off-by: Michael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: Iustin Pop <>

6890cf2e 08/05/2011 02:06 pm Michael Hanselmann

cleaner: Remove watcher's instance status file after 21 days

Signed-off-by: Michael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: Iustin Pop <>

7b642c49 08/04/2011 01:28 pm Michael Hanselmann

ganeti-cleaner: Remove old watcher state files

Watcher state files can stay around if node groups are removed. With
this patch they're removed after 21 days.

Signed-off-by: Michael Hanselmann <>
Reviewed-by: Iustin Pop <>

0c39d5eb 03/24/2011 10:29 am René Nussbaumer

Remove old ensure-dirs (no longer needed)

Signed-off-by: René Nussbaumer <>
Reviewed-by: Iustin Pop <>

047686c5 01/07/2011 12:27 pm Michael Hanselmann

Merge branch 'devel-2.3'

  • devel-2.3:
    Remove unused import from client.gnt_instance
    gnt-instance console: Improve error reporting
    Increase timeout for connection on remote import
    import-export: Improve timeout error reporting

lib/ Trivial...

bd275a93 01/06/2011 06:42 pm Michael Hanselmann

import-export: Improve timeout error reporting

When the source cluster takes too long to create a snapshot, the
destination would time out. Unfortunately no good error message was
written unless debug logging was enabled, not even to the log file. This
will be improved with this patch....

1ef6e776 12/17/2010 06:42 pm Michael Hanselmann

Merge branch 'devel-2.3'

  • devel-2.3:
    QA: Run cluster-verify as part of all instance tests
    QA: Fix typo and add “not”
    ensure-dirs: Speed up when using big queues
    Fix gnt-cluster verify with diskless instances

lib/ Trivial
qa/ Trivial...

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