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CLI.hs 22.7 kB
Cluster.hs 64.2 kB
Compat.hs 1.4 kB
Container.hs 2.4 kB
ExtLoader.hs 4.5 kB
Group.hs 2.5 kB
IAlloc.hs 15 kB
Instance.hs 10.4 kB
JSON.hs 5.8 kB
Loader.hs 10.3 kB
Luxi.hs 10.1 kB
Node.hs 22.7 kB
PeerMap.hs 2.9 kB
Program.hs 1.6 kB
QC.hs 84.7 kB
QCHelper.hs 2.4 kB
Rapi.hs 8.6 kB
Simu.hs 3.9 kB
Text.hs 12.9 kB
Types.hs 13.4 kB
Utils.hs 7.6 kB 260 Bytes

Latest revisions

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adb77e3a 09/03/2012 03:13 pm Iustin Pop

Add a fillDict function

This is similar to the Python version,

Signed-off-by: Iustin Pop <>
Reviewed-by: Agata Murawska <>

14fec9a8 09/03/2012 03:13 pm Iustin Pop

Fix qualified import of Data.Map in QC.hs

As opposed to all other places in the code, we imported this as
Data.Map, leaving to longer names. Let's make it similar to the rest
of the code (import qualified Data.Map as Map).

Signed-off-by: Iustin Pop <>...

998b6f8b 08/28/2012 06:32 pm Iustin Pop

Add two confd library tests

These test that we encode requests correctly and decode good messages,
that a message with a too old/new timestamp is never accepted, and
that a message signed with a different key is never accepted.

Signed-off-by: Iustin Pop <>...

62377cf5 08/28/2012 06:16 pm Iustin Pop

Reduce some more code duplication and split code

The Qlang module defines ResultStatus, but it was already defined in
Ganeti/Luxi.hs; let's remove the duplicate definition from there since
the proper place is in the newer module.

Also, in order to ease testing, we split some confd functions into a...

0384c457 08/28/2012 06:04 pm Iustin Pop

Add test for checking Haskell/Python opcode equivalence

This is a very big hack for testing the equivalence of Python and
Haskell opcode definitions. See the docstring for details; I'm not
very happy with the solution but it does the job.

An alternate option would be to launch the Python code when...

4a1dc2bf 08/28/2012 06:04 pm Iustin Pop

Create a custom type for disk indices

While (again) trying to test Python/Haskell encoding interoperability,
I found another bug: the disk index is declared in Python as
ht.TPositiveInt, but in Haskell just as Int, so it can take negative
values too. Clearly we can do better, so let's add a wrapper type that...

f2f06e2e 08/28/2012 06:04 pm Iustin Pop

Handle better 'null' values in optional fields

While testing Haskell⇔Python interoperability for opcode
serialisation, I found this bug: the Haskell code doesn't treat
optional fields with 'null' values as missing, which the Python code
does, leading to differences....

9990c068 08/28/2012 06:04 pm Iustin Pop

Add test case for OpCode list equivalence

For now, we only test that we don't define extra opcodes in the
Haskell code; once we have parity, we can enable the (for now)
commented-out lines that check the reverse.

Signed-off-by: Iustin Pop <>...

60f7f6a4 08/28/2012 06:04 pm Iustin Pop

Add infrastructure for reading Python command output

This will be used in the future to make tests/assertions for
Python/Haskell codebase equivalence (e.g. checking that the same
opcodes are defined, etc.).

(Side-note: this might not work in VPATH builds; I'll see how it goes)...

6dd92942 08/28/2012 06:04 pm Iustin Pop

QCHelper: add support for defining HUnit test cases

This will allow us to use exactly the same method as for defining and
using QuickCheck properties. The differentiation is based on name,
which is not very nice but is the same method used in
test-framework-th, for example (so we will be able to switch...

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