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  cmdlib 796 Bytes
bash_completion.bash 5.2 kB 17.1 kB
check-cert-expired_unittest.bash 1.9 kB
cli-test.bash 196 Bytes
daemon-util_unittest.bash 2.9 kB 10.2 kB
ganeti-cleaner_unittest.bash 5.9 kB
ganeti-cli.test 504 Bytes 6.7 kB 2 kB 28 kB 6.5 kB 58.3 kB 12.1 kB 8.2 kB 5 kB 2.8 kB 1.7 kB 3.9 kB 7.1 kB 22.9 kB 6.7 kB 24.3 kB 2.9 kB 18.5 kB 9.2 kB 26.2 kB 1.7 kB 1.3 kB 12.4 kB 1.5 kB 31.2 kB 2.6 kB 8.5 kB 96.3 kB 3.2 kB 92 kB 8.9 kB 8 kB 5.7 kB 8.9 kB 18.7 kB 25.8 kB 14.3 kB 3 kB 30.1 kB 10.2 kB 74.4 kB 5.4 kB 57.7 kB 2 kB 58.7 kB 5.3 kB 34.8 kB 5.8 kB 4.3 kB 9.1 kB 8.6 kB 5.1 kB 11.4 kB 4.5 kB 17.2 kB 7.1 kB 1.2 kB 2.6 kB 6.7 kB 8.7 kB 3.8 kB 12 kB 4.3 kB 4.4 kB 4.6 kB 35.5 kB 8.3 kB 4 kB 1.5 kB 4 kB 24.7 kB 7.1 kB 5.5 kB 22.7 kB 3.3 kB 5.1 kB 13.4 kB 12.7 kB 8.7 kB 19.5 kB
gnt-cli.test 1.5 kB
import-export_unittest-helper 2.6 kB
import-export_unittest.bash 11.3 kB 3.5 kB 3.2 kB 2.3 kB 13.7 kB 3.4 kB 6.6 kB

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
d48c944b 10/09/2013 01:40 pm Helga Velroyen

Use 'DTS_LVM' when possible

This patch replaces all usages of the utility function
'GetLvmDiskTemplate' by the new 'DTS_LVM' constant
to make it consistant with the usage of other DTS_*

Additionally, it provides a unit tests to ensure
consistancy between DTS_LVM and the mapping of disk...

e8936ef7 10/09/2013 01:40 pm Helga Velroyen

iallocator: use lookup by disk template

So far, the iallocator requested storage information
about all enabled disk templates but discarded all but
the LVM information, even if it was allocating space
for a non-LVM instance. With this patch, it now only
asks for the one that is relevant for...

b669aa41 10/09/2013 01:40 pm Helga Velroyen

utils/ storage info lookup by disk template

This patch improves the handling of storage information
before and after a call to the RPC 'node_info'. It
adds a function to not only call for all storage
information on the cluster (as it is used right now),...

2f1278d8 10/08/2013 01:14 pm Klaus Aehlig

Provide utility function to check a configuration version

In order for 'gnt-cluster upgrade --resume' to determine whether the configuration
is already upgraded, it needs to compare whether a configuration version is compatible
with a Ganeti target version. Provide a utility function for this....

f2b91949 10/07/2013 01:47 pm Klaus Aehlig

Provide an inverse to UnescapeAndSplit

With utils.UnescapeAndSplit, we have a function to parse
arbitrary non-empty string lists encoded as strings. Also
provide the appropriate encoding function.

Signed-off-by: Klaus Aehlig <>
Reviewed-by: Michele Tartara <>

346c3037 10/04/2013 05:11 pm Klaus Aehlig

Provide means of submitting jobs to a drained queue

During an upgrade, the job queue needs to be drained in order to avoid
new jobs coming to the cluster. Nevertheless, the upgrade process
needs to carry out some maintenance, like redistributing the new...

78521495 10/04/2013 05:10 pm Klaus Aehlig

Add predicate whether to call cfgupgrade --downgrade

Provide a predicate that, given the current version and the
version to go to, tells whether it is appropriate to call
cfgupgrade --downgrade.

Signed-off-by: Klaus Aehlig <>
Reviewed-by: Jose Lopes <>

0890e0d1 10/04/2013 05:10 pm Klaus Aehlig

Add utility function to recognize upgrade ranges

Upgrading is possible within the same major version to any equal
or higher minor version. Downgrading is possible within the same
major version to the previous minor version. Moreover, automatic
upgrades are only supported from version 2.10 onwards. Add a utility...

1eda3dd3 10/04/2013 05:09 pm Klaus Aehlig

Add utility function to parse version strings

The new 'gnt-cluster upgrade' command will get a Ganeti version as
argument. So provide a function able to parse it.

Signed-off-by: Klaus Aehlig <>
Reviewed-by: Jose Lopes <>

537dba0c 10/02/2013 05:55 pm Raffa Santi

Add tests specific to the user/kernelspace access feature

Check that the validation procedures don't accept invalid values
and also don't choke on valid values.

Signed-off-by: Santi Raffa <>
Reviewed-by: Thomas Thrainer <>

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