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Revision e7307f08


Added by Michael Hanselmann over 13 years ago

Merge branch 'devel-2.1'

  • devel-2.1:
    Bump version to 2.1.0~rc5
    Makefile.am: Targets used directly should depend on BUILT_SOURCES
    Make the snapshot decision based on disk type
    Three small typos in man pages
    Fix missing bridge for xen instances
    Fix flipping MC flag bug
    ganeti-watcher: ensure confd is running as well
    Add capability to use syslog for logging
    node daemon: allow working with broken queue dir
    utils.FileLock: handle init errors properly
    daemon-utils: remove usage of here-docs
    Fix typo in ganeti-os-interface(7)
    locking: add/fix @type information
    Fix slots definitions
    Fix the mocks.py for 2.0 unittests
    Add a crude disable for DRBD barriers
    LURemoveNode safety in face of wrong node list
    Fix an unsafe formatting bug
    Ensure all int/float conversions are handled right

lib/daemon.py: Trivial


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