Revision f43c898d lib/

1154 1154
             " for detecting reboots by tracking changes"),
1155 1155
  "cnodes": ("CNodes", QFT_NUMBER, "cpu_nodes",
1156 1156
             "Number of NUMA domains on node (if exported by hypervisor)"),
  "cnos": ("CNOs", QFT_NUMBER, "cpu_dom0",
            "Number of logical processors used by the node OS (dom0 for Xen)"),
1157 1159
  "csockets": ("CSockets", QFT_NUMBER, "cpu_sockets",
1158 1160
               "Number of physical CPU sockets (if exported by hypervisor)"),
1159 1161
  "ctotal": ("CTotal", QFT_NUMBER, "cpu_total", "Number of logical processors"),

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