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BasicTypes.hs 11.9 kB
Common.hs 14.4 kB
Compat.hs 1.4 kB
Config.hs 14.8 kB
ConfigReader.hs 10.8 kB
ConstantUtils.hs 5.3 kB
Constants.hs 119.3 kB
Daemon.hs 15.6 kB
Errors.hs 6.3 kB
Hash.hs 1.8 kB
JQScheduler.hs 13.5 kB
JQueue.hs 22.3 kB
JSON.hs 10.9 kB
Jobs.hs 3.3 kB
Kvmd.hs 11.5 kB
Logging.hs 4.9 kB
Luxi.hs 11.9 kB
Network.hs 3.5 kB
Objects.hs 25.3 kB
OpCodes.hs 26.9 kB
OpParams.hs 46.5 kB
Parsers.hs 1.7 kB
Path.hs 3.9 kB
PyValue.hs 2.9 kB
Rpc.hs 22.2 kB
Runtime.hs 7.3 kB
Ssconf.hs 5.2 kB
THH.hs 47.5 kB
Types.hs 28.2 kB
UDSServer.hs 12.1 kB
Utils.hs 24.9 kB
VCluster.hs 1.6 kB 246 Bytes

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
fb8d8645 02/11/2014 05:29 pm Klaus Aehlig

Consider job-IDs queried for twice only once

As reading jobs from disk is an expensive operation, when querying
for jobs, we optimize by considering which values the job-id is asked
for in the filter. As any reasonable person would not add the same
clause twice in an Or-clause, the implicit assumption was that the...

adcccd43 02/10/2014 06:24 pm Klaus Aehlig

Merge branch 'stable-2.10' into stable-2.11

  • stable-2.10
    Fix 'JobIdListOnly' type from 'List' to 'Map'
    Remove NEWS entry for 2.9.4
    Workaround for monitor bug related to greeting msg
    hotplug: Verify if a command succeeded or not
    hotplug: Call each qemu commmand with an own socat...
673425b8 02/10/2014 04:42 pm Klaus Aehlig

Merge branch 'stable-2.9' into stable-2.10

  • stable-2.9
    Revision bump for 2.9.4
    Set release date for 2.9.4
    Note UUID identification change in NEWS file
    Allow classic queries to use either names or UUIDs
    Document the change of noded's group in NEWS...
b6e31235 02/10/2014 12:44 pm Jose A. Lopes

Fix 'JobIdListOnly' type from 'List' to 'Map'

  • This patch fixes a type discrepancy between the Haskell type
    'Ganeti.OpCodes.JobIdListOnly' and the Python type predicate
    '', the former being a list and the latter a
13ef1fa5 02/07/2014 03:42 pm Hrvoje Ribicic

Allow classic queries to use either names or UUIDs

When UUIDs are used in CLI commands, such addressing of objects fails
or succeeds inconsistently across object types. Worse yet, some calls
do not fail, but simply return no result. This is due to the way the...

155df343 02/06/2014 12:43 pm Klaus Aehlig

Change return type of internal rmJob also provide the job itself. In this way, the function can
also be used for tasks that require temporarily removing a job
from the queue.

Signed-off-by: Klaus Aehlig <>
Reviewed-by: Petr Pudlak <>

f7743189 02/06/2014 12:43 pm Klaus Aehlig

When enqueuing new jobs, respect job ID

When adding new jobs, don't add them at the end, but at a
position that fits with their job id. In this way, we can
build operations that require fully dequeing a job an adding
it later after some modifications.

Signed-off-by: Klaus Aehlig <>...

96d55b50 02/06/2014 12:43 pm Klaus Aehlig

Provide a function to change the priority of a queued job

There is a separation of responsibilities here. For jobs still
in the queue, it is the responsibility of the queue (scheduler),
for started jobs, the job itself has to take care of it. To avoid
the job transitioning inbetween, it is temporarily dequeued during...

7711f32b 02/06/2014 12:43 pm Klaus Aehlig

Implement ChangeJobPriority in luxid

For jobs still queued, we ask the queue to change the priority,
and replicate the changed job. For jobs that have already been
started, we have to contact the job directly, which, at the moment,
means forwarding the request to masterd....

a6b33b72 02/06/2014 12:43 pm Klaus Aehlig

Add a function to change the priority of a job changing the priority of the non-finished opcodes.

Signed-off-by: Klaus Aehlig <>
Reviewed-by: Petr Pudlak <>

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